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What Mainstream Media doesn’t want you to know about NXIVM (‘Nexium’) cult

Roberta Glass discusses the NXIVM (Nexium) Sex Cult run by a man named Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

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Tonya Harding waiting to be Amanda Knox



. . .there is still something strange and deeply off about seeing a woman who might’ve been complicit in a violent attack  . . .being celebrated for her strength and spirit.”

Some readers may be surprised to learn that this quote is not about Amanda Knox but another American woman known for a violent attack on another female- Tonya Harding.   It is from a well-written review of her new movie, I, Tonya.

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Day 2 of slender man stabbing trial

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On the second day of the Anissa Weier trial in the Slenderman stabbing case, a detective, a teacher,  and a forensic psychologist took the stand.  First detective Shelly Fisher described her interview with the victim, Peyton and evidence that she retrieved from the perpetrators school lockers.  Then Dr. Melisaa Westendorf testified about her expert opinion of Anissa’s mental state.

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Slender man stabbing trial starts

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On September 12, 2017 the trial for Anna Weier began in Wisconsin.  Weier and her friend Morgan Geyser are being tried as adults for stabbing their friend Peyton Leutner in 2014.  The girls were all 12 years old at the time of the attack.  Leutner was struck 19 times but survived.

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Slender Man stabber pleads guilty

Photo src: public domain
Photo src: public domain

It is being reported on August 21, 2017 that one of the two girls who stabbed a friend 19 times plead guilty to murder.  In 2014 two 12-year-old friends made a pact to slay a third girl as a sacrifice to fictional internet character Slender Man.  The attack took place in a park near Milwaukee Wisconson. The victim, Payton Leutner, survived.

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Alleged Yingying Zhang abductor was looking for next victim at vigil


It is being reported on July 5, 2017 that that man accused of abducting University of Illinois visiting scholar Yingying Zhang appeared in court today regarding bail.  During the hearing, more evidence that the FBI obtained was released to the public. Judge Eric Long denied Brendt Christensen bail after finding him a flight risk and a danger to the community.

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Sitting in court with Michelle Carter



Sitting quietly in the courtroom of Taunton District Courthouse at nine A.M. a packed audience, comprised mainly of journalists,  jumps up duteously.  His Honor has entered the room.  Massachusetts Taunton District Court, a newly constructed building, opened in 2011.  Bright, clean, sunny and spacious, the ambience seems intended to help placate its visitors; the masses of unfortunate souls who pass through the glass enclosed entrance many enduring the darkest times of their life.  A trial concerning a suicide strikes a collective nerve.

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