Crime & Courts

Day 3 of slender man stabbing trial


In the third day of Anissa Weier’s trial to ascertain her mental status, three people took the stand. First was teacher Jeffrey Taege, then two psychiatrists who evaluated Anissa.

Her teacher stated that she was a happy student who performed very well in school.  He said that she did struggle socially and “was a little quirky.”

Dr. Gregory Van Rybroek took the stand and described the shared delusion that Anissa suffered under with her friend Morgan Geyser when they stabbed their friend.  He explained that their age had a lot to do with the problem.  A 12-year-old’s mind could not be responsible for conforming with the law as it has not fully formed the areas of the brain that deal with judgement, insight and controlling one’s impulses.

Lastly Dr. Michale Caldwell agreed with Dr. Rybroek’s opinion and provided the findings of his evaluation.  After Dr. Caldwell finished, the defense and state rested. The testimonial and evidentiary parts of the trial were concluded.

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