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Slender man stabber avoids prison


A jury in the Slender Man stabbing case found Anissa Weier not able to appreciate the wrongfulness of her actions due to mental disease or defect. Weier will be committed to a mental hospital for three to 25 years.

Forensic psychologists believed that Weier and her co-accused, Morgan Geyser, were under a shared delusion when they stabbed their friend 19 times.   Weier pleaded guilty to second degree homicide last month, so her trial was only about whether she was responsible for the crime or not.   A jury decided that she was not responsible.

The victim’s family was unhappy with the verdict as it allows Weier to petition the court to be released every six months.  The other assailant, Morgan Geyser is set to begin her trial on October 9, 2017.   Geyser is pleading not guilty.

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