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What Mainstream Media doesn’t want you to know about NXIVM (‘Nexium’) cult

Roberta Glass discusses the NXIVM (Nexium) Sex Cult run by a man named Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

This story appears to be hushed up in main stream media due to its high profile connections.  It is alleged that the Clintons accepted donations from this cult.   Some famous members include Hollywood star Allison Mack from TV show Smallville who recruited women into the cult by deceiving them into thinking it was an empowerment group. She is now on trial for charges of sex trafficking in Brooklyn Federal Court.  The trial date is set for October 1, 2018.  The methodologies of this cult share similarities with other cults throughout history.

Roberta Glass hosts the Wolf/Sheep True Crime Podcast series on and RobertaGlass on Youtube


Fair Use of Interview with Catherine Oxenberg on Megyn Kelly Today Show.

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