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Alleged Yingying Zhang abductor was looking for next victim at vigil


It is being reported on July 5, 2017 that that man accused of abducting University of Illinois visiting scholar Yingying Zhang appeared in court today regarding bail.  During the hearing, more evidence that the FBI obtained was released to the public. Judge Eric Long denied Brendt Christensen bail after finding him a flight risk and a danger to the community.

Shocking new evidence emerged from the prosecution who stated that they had recordings of Christensen, while he was attending the concert and walk organized to support Yingying Zhang.  The former physics PhD student described what he felt were the “characteristics of an ideal victim.”

Brendt also is on recording at the event, scanning the people who were there and searching for his next potential victim.    Along with this, new details of how he abducted Yingying Zhang were presented.  Christensen described how Yingying tried to fight him off and resist.  On top of all of this, Christensen also threatened the person he gave this information to.

Many who have viewed the video clips of Christensen at the June 29th vigil for Yingying noticed that he appeared to be enjoying himself.

The judge commented that the evidence against Christensen is considerable.  As a result, Christensen will not be released; he will remain incarcerated throughout his trial.  The next court appearance will be the preliminary trial on July 14, 2017.

Yingying Zhang has still not been found.

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