Innocence project is guilty of lying about Amanda Knox


Amanda Knox and the Innocence Project just can’t stop lying.  Over and over they keep publishing the same mistruths about the murder of Meredith Kercher.  In an article dated May 23, 2018 the falsehoods are repeated.  Below are the facts that were reported inaccurately (again) about Amanda Knox.

Big Lie #1

Amanda Knox was not interrogated for 53 hours, not even close.  She falsely accused Diya Patrick Lumumba in less than an hour.



Lie #2 + 3 + 4

Amanda Knox is not a best-selling author, she had two ghost writers write her book. She was not ‘hit’ but tapped on the back of the head.  She did not make a single complaint about her treatment by the police or to her lawyers at the time.    When she was on trial she blamed her imagination for blaming the black man – Lumumba (nowadays she blames the other black man – Rudy Guede.)


Amanda Knox official trial testimony


She was not not “falsely told” that she had HIV.  She tested positive the first time and the doctor said it was probably a false positive so they tested again and it was negative.  Amanda wrote about it in her diary.

Lie #5 + 6+ 7

She was rightly convicted twice.  There is no physical evidence?  Just Amanda Knox’s foot prints in Meredith Kercher’s blood,  Knox’s DNA/blood mixed with Meredith’s blood in the bathroom, hallway and break-in room.  Hairs that match Amanda’s type were found in Meredith’s room along with a shoe print in Amanda Knox’s size under Meredith’s body.  Amanda Knox’s DNA was also on the bra clasp along with Raffaele Sollecito’s.  Then there was Amanda Knox’s desk lamp locked inside Meredith’s room as well.  Someone cleaned up afterwards and moved Meredith’s body around after death and staged a break-in, actions only someone who lived there would do.  Amanda also had a scratch on her neck and her blood was in the bathroom along with Meredith’s showing that Amanda was bleeding that night too.

In 2011 Amanda Knox was acquitted but not found innocent.  The Italian Supreme Court stated that she was in cottage at the time of the murder and that she had Meredith’s blood on her hands.

With all of these lies being repeated and disseminated by these yearly ‘Innocence Project’ conferences, one wonders what other ‘exonerees’ they are lying about.


5 thoughts on “Innocence project is guilty of lying about Amanda Knox”

  1. “Innocence Project” …. that’s not a bad thing in it’s origin. Of course not. There are many real “innocents” out there who need support and help.

    But using Amanda Knox as a female figure head is simply obscene.

    Knox is not “innocent” and she’s not an “exoneree”. She’s a fake innocent, She pollutes the good idea.

    Using people like Amanda Knox means no support for real innocents. It means mocking the victims and the real innocents.


  2. There we have it again. It is part of our lives, hypocritical self-serving cause. Amanda Knox abuses Innocent Projects whilst those projects seek publicity via a more than problematic testimonial. It’s like host and parasite. The host will eventually be killed by the sucker but up to that point enjoys the ride.


    1. “…. like host and parasite.”

      Metaphorically excellent !

      Temporarily a so called “win – win – situation”… but the bubble swells more and more and …… will bursts. Journey goes on …. the parasite seeks the next host.


  3. I find it hard to believe Knox being innocent. The presence of her in the “theater of the murder” as the Italian Supreme Court stated, is a proven fact. Portraying her as a victim ist toxic for any Innocence movement in the long run.


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