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Tweets of Michelle Carter trial for sending suicide texts

Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy

Michelle Carter is in court this week being tried for involuntary manslaughter for influencing 18-year-old Conrad Roy into committing suicide in July 2014.  There is more than one reporter live tweeting the trial and some very interesting information is being shared.

One new revelation is that Carter chose to not have a jury in her trial but only a judge decide her fate.  Another new insight is Carter has her own mental health issues that she was seeing a therapist for at the time of Roy’s suicide.  This was new news to the prosecutor who seemed skeptical about it.

Carter’s twisted tweets soon after Roy was consumed by carbon dioxide poisoning also came out in court.

As many legal analysts have predicted, the defense’s mantra is, “It’s a suicide not a homicide.”

The defense also claimed that Carter initially tried to prevent Roy from killing himself but after years of his attempted suicides and depression she changed her tactics.

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