Amanda Knox caught plagiarizing prisoner

Amanda Knox released a self-named documentary in September 2016.  Her slogan was repeated everywhere, “Either I’m a psychopath or I am you.”  It has now been revealed that she plagiarized this catch phrase from a 2007 Netflix show titled, “Lock Up: Maximum Security.”


The phrase is prominently displayed in the jail cell of a man who is serving time at Wabash Correctional Facility in Indiana.


Lock Up: Maximum Security S1E5


Plagiarizing appears to have become endemic in the main stream media.  In 2003, The New York Times was submerged in scandal when one of their writers, Jayson Thomas Blair, was caught plagiarizing.  More recently, Melania Trump was called out for repeating Michelle Obama’s speech.  Now the notorious convicted slanderer, Amanda Knox, has sunk deeper in disrepute by pirating the prose of a prisoner.   Who would have thought that President Trump’s wife and Amanda Knox would have so much in common?  In Melania’s defense, English is her second (or third or fourth) language.

Knox claims to be attempting to help prisoners by earning up to $10,000 per talk (plus expenses) on her tour to various schools and law conferences.


Whether her latest criminal activity will result in penalties remains to be seen.


However, plagiarism is a serious offense, especially for a “journalist.”

The legal repercussions of plagiarism can be quite serious. Copyright laws are absolute. One cannot use another person’s material without citation and reference. An author has the right to sue a plagiarist. Some plagiarism may also be deemed a criminal offense, possibly leading to a prison sentence. Those who write for a living, such as journalists or authors, are particularly susceptible to plagiarism issues. Those who write frequently must be ever-vigilant not to err. Writers are well-aware of copyright laws and ways to avoid plagiarism. As a professional writer, to plagiarize is a serious ethical and perhaps legal issue.”


2 thoughts on “Amanda Knox caught plagiarizing prisoner”

  1. Very interesting micro expression with the downturned mouth and chin jutting when last line is delivered. Isn’t that shame or regret?


  2. …. as it was to be expected … nothing good from or around Ms. Knox.
    One of the most significant differences between the Kercher – parents and the Knox – parents is that Arline and John Kercher can be (very) proud of their daughter while Edda Mellas and Curt Knox never had a reason to be proud. They had no reason in the past. They currently have no reason as well and – my opinion – there never will be a reason to be proud of their daughter in future times.


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