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Amanda Knox’s ex, the ‘Draculapp’ creator, wants to suck $570,000 out of Italy

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Formerly convicted murderer, Raffaele Sollecito has been a busy boy.  He decided to make two big announcements in the news on the 8th anniversary of Meredith Kercher’s death.

First, Sollecito was in the Italian news on October 30, 2015 reporting that he received 66,000 Euros ($73,000) from the Italian government to help start his own business. The ex-con said that he would use the generous funds to build a computer application for commemorating the dead.  “ a loan of EUR 66 thousand from the Puglia region, will start a new business, a kind of social network Memorial for deceased loved ones. . . He said that he designed an online portal with an App, a kind of social network that was created to commemorate the dead.”  The reaction was a mix of silence and derision.

However, that wasn’t Sollecito’s only bomb to drop.  He was in the news again on November 2, 2015. This time his lawyer, Luca Maori, declared that Sollecito would be suing the Italian government for wrongful imprisonment and expected to get 516,000 Euros (about $570,000.)

All of this is in addition to the earnings from his new book he just published.  It is his second book describing his experience surrounding the death of Meredith Kercher.

Amanda Knox’s lawyers chimed in that they are not suing for wrongful imprisonment since Knox is still in court facing slander charges against the police.  Knox’s conviction for criminal slander against her former boss, Patrick Lumumba, was finalized by the Italian Supreme Court and she was sentenced to three years time served.  This leaves her one year of imprisonment open to suing unless she is convicted of slandering the police in the coming months.  If she is found guilty of slandering the police, she could be sentenced to more time in prison.

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