Murder of Meredith Kercher

West Seattle Herald – all the news that’s unfit to print


Since being set free from prison, Amanda Knox has been writing a weekly blurb for a small town newspaper called the West Seattle Herald.  The creative writing major has written many uninspiring articles for the rag.

Recently, it was observed by some people that the West Seattle Herald has blocked them from viewing their Twitter account.  These individuals had never even contacted the paper before. Naturally they were curious as to why the WSH shut them out.



When people commented about the papers censorship, an immature and highly unprofessional response was given:

The West Seattle Herald seems to have morphed from a news outlet into a propaganda machine telling people what they should or should not be interested in!

This is surprising since the WSH hired the formerly convicted murderer to increase their readership.  Now they want to block those readers and offend them?  Telling their new readers that they should “move on?”  You courted them WSH!

Who at the paper wrote this tweet?  Why is the West Seattle Herald silencing the public?

Are the lunatics in charge of the asylum at West Seattle Herald?

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