Book Review: More Psychopaths and Love


“Some people aren’t capable of love, you know.”

Book Review: More Psychopaths and Love

If you have suffered at the hands of a psychopath, you are not alone. Many have had to deal with the ramifications of trusting a psychopath only to have their world turned upside down. AB Admin knows that suffering and her books aim to help you get through it.

AB Admin maintains the popular website Her book More Psychopaths and Love is a follow-up to an earlier ebook Psychopaths and Love. This book delves into how to recover from a relationship with a psychopath.

“Those of you who are familiar with my blog or books know I am all for learning about what happened, learning what we were dealing with, and finding out what we might do to avoid being re-victimized.” –AB Admin (More Psychopaths and Love)

The book is divided into two sections. The first section, YOU, focuses on healing and on understanding what you experienced (or what you would experience if you dated a psychopath.) The second section, THE PSYCHOPATH, focuses on understanding how the psychopathic mind works and how to recover from dealing with a psychopath.

“Virtually all of the research done in psychopathy is on the perpetrators, and we tend to ignore the tens of thousands of victims of these individuals. And most of the victims have nowhere to turn. They talk to their psychiatrist, psychologist, their friends, their employees, their priest, and they get nowhere because most people don’t understand the nature of psychopathic people.”-Dr. Robert Hare (More Psychopaths and Love)

Admin draws upon her personal experience which produces a thought-provoking, informative and insightful publication.  She doesn’t skimp on the scientific data either. Extracts from the experts are included along with her thoughts and opinions to what they have to say about this largely uncharted ocean of mental illness.

The book even includes some tips for people dating on-line to avoid matching up with a psychopath. Mary Ellen O’Toole, Ph.D., one of the most senior profilers for the FBI suggests that when reading an online profile, “’If you’re going to be online dating, look at the words in profiles,’ she says.’ Look for lots of I/me statements that could indicate narcissism.’”

Admin also analyzes the differences between narcissists and psychopaths to show that they are not exactly the same thing as many believe. “the narcissist and the psychopath seem very similar. But when you look beneath the surface of their behavior, there are profound differences.” (More Psychopaths and Love)

Everything that one may wonder about psychopaths seems to be covered in this one book. From a chapter about female psychopaths, what ebola teaches about psychopaths, the genderless identity of psychopaths and much more.

To summarize, this book is a mixture of scientific analysis and absorbing anecdotes that results in a compelling read for anyone with an interest in this topic. Whether you are recovering from an abusive experience with a psychopath, want to avoid one, or have an interest in criminal psychology, More Psychopaths and Love will help you more fully understand this mental illness which is still so misunderstood.

AB Admin has also written several other books:

  • Psychopaths and Love
  • Boundaries: Loving Again After a Pathological Relationship
  • 30 Covert Emotional Manipulation Tactics
  • 202 Ways To Spot a Psychopath in Personal Relationships


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