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Pulitzer Prize winning writer William B. Crawford discusses his book: ‘JUSTICE PERVERTED’

WilliamCrawfordWilliam B. Crawford is a former reporter, writer and legal affairs columnist for the Chicago Tribune.   During a 23-year-career at the newspaper, he was the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize as well as many other major awards for his work.

After leaving the newspaper, he was the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s senior vice president of global communications.   In 2002 he co-founded O’Connell & Crawford LLC, a media strategy and crisis management firm.

His book: Justice Perverted: How the Innocence Project at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism Sent an Innocent Man to Prison is Crawford’s second book.

The documentary, A Murder in the Park,

is based on his book.

Alstory Simon’s $40 million lawsuit can be read here.


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