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Julie Mott’s family plead with body snatcher

Julie Mott   Photo Source: Facebook

It is being reported on October 16, 2015 that Julie Mott’s family is pleading with person who kidnapped their daughter.  Julie’s body was abducted from a funeral home in Texas two months ago and has still not been found.

Her family thinks that they know who took her and are begging for the return of their daughter’s body.

Julie Mott passed away after a life-long struggle with cystic-fibrosis.   She died on August 8, 2015 and her funeral service was held on August 14, 2015.  Shortly after her service her body was stolen from the casket it was in, “someone got into a private visitation suite at Mission Park Funeral Chapel North — through two locked doors — and made off with her body, which was discovered missing the next day, her 26th birthday.”

Her mother spoke directly to the press on Friday, asking for her daughter to be returned so that they could fulfill Julie’s last wish to be cremated.

Charlotte Mott’s message was for the person or people who took Julie.

“Julie was my baby for 26 years. I was her caregiver, the one who drove her to and from her doctor’s visits, stayed with her throughout her many hospital stays, and in later years, (I was) her best friend  . . .This selfish person who took her could not have loved her anymore than I do, I need her back please. I know her beautiful soul is gone, but we need her body.”

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