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Still searching for Julie Mott’s body snatcher

Julie Mott – Facebook

Last month it was reported that the corpse of 25-year-old Julie Mott was absconded from Mission Park Funeral Chapel North in San Antonio, Texas.  So far no new leads have been reported and her body has not been recovered.

The funeral home is left trying to figure out what happened.  The abduction of a human body was a first for this morgue and they no doubt plan to make it their last.

Jessica Koth, public relations manager for the National Funeral Directors Association in Brookfield, Wis., said by phone Sept. 2 that she had never heard of the theft of a corpse from a funeral home.  ‘It’s not something that we have any statistics on,’ Koth said.”

Julie Mott’s bereaved family are no doubt suffering infinitely more, not only for the loss of their young daughter but now her kidnapping as well.

A message on Facebook to the perpetrator who abducted Julie Mott:

“To he who took our Julie away from us…

You are a selfish, thoughtless, disrespectful monster.
But there is something you need to know;
You may have her body,
But you do not have her soul.
Because she now lives in me, the girls & her family.
You have the body that was so unhealthy it killed her.
But her real body is in the presence of the Lord.
& She is up there smiling, laughing, breathing and riding Benny.
& that is something that you will NEVER have.”

Anyone with information should call SAPD’s tips line at 210-225-8477.

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