Sexual assault

Disabled man was not able to agree to sex

Anna Stubblefield, 46, charged with two counts of sexual assault Source:

It is being reported on September 18, 2015  that a psychologist has testified that a severely disabled man could not have agreed to sexual activities.  The trial is still ongoing in the case of the Rutgers professor, Anna Stubblefield, 46, who claims that a 34-year-old disabled man fell in love with her and consented to sexual relationship.

The mentally challenged and wheel-chair bound man, known as “D.J. has suffered from cerebral palsy since birth and has been diagnosed as severely mentally disabled.  Experts determined that he had the mental capacity of a two-year-old.”

The Rutgers chairwoman of the philosophy department, Stubblefield, has claimed that D.J. did consent to sexual activity via a controversial communication technique called “facilitated communication.”

The judge has barred any expert testimony of the communication technique as it  ” . . .is not generally accepted in the scientific communities.”  However, the judge stipulated that while Stubblefield will be allowed to discuss how she says she was able to interact with D.J., she will not be allowed to cite experts or portray herself as an authority in the field.

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