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Judge decides on pre-trial motion in Hannah Graham murder case

It is being reported on August 20, 2015 that a judge is deciding on the pre-trial motions of Hannah Graham’s murder case.  Jesse Matthew Jr. has been charged with abducting and murdering the University of Virginia student.  Graham went missing on September 12, 2014 which set off a nationwide manhunt.  Surveillance  video showed Graham with Matthew and a month later Graham’s remains were found in Albemarle County.

After being identified by authorities as the last person seen with Graham, Matthew went on the run.  He was captured weeks later 1,300 miles away in Galveston, Texas.

Matthew’s defense team submitted 12 motions for the court which the judge will decide on today:

  • Motion invoking Matthew’s 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights specifically not to speak to law enforcement, the prosecutor, the attorney general’s office and other government agencies.
  • Motion for Matthew to be present at every hearing.
  • Motion asking for Matthew to not be shackled in public and appear in his personal attire during the trial.
  • Motion to bar tokens or insignia of support for either side during trial.
  • Motion to appoint judge to hear expert funding requests.
  • Motion to preserve all evidence, including biological evidence, physical evidence collected from crime scene and alleged weapons among others.
  • Motion to preserve law enforcement notes.
  • Motion to stop any additional state evidence testing or examination without notifying the defense for approval.
  • Motion to have notice of parts of Jesse Matthew’s criminal past planned for use during any sentencing hearing.
  • Motion for particulars on statutory aggravators the commonwealth would use at a capital sentencing.
  • Motion to examine evidence without the prosecutor or investigators present.
  • Motion to prohibit extrajudicial statements including any talk of a guilty plea and other matters by lawyers.

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