21-year-old Amanda and two male accomplices sentenced for murdering friend

Victim Joshua Rose (Facebook)


It is being reported on November 25, 2017 that three people in Scranton, PA  were sentenced for strangling and dumping a young man, Joshua Rose, as he overdosed on heroin .  They were arrested shortly after being charged with  in the August 25, 2016 murder.

Amanda Wayda, 20, Preston Layfield, 19, and Tyler Mirabelli, 22 all pled guilty to third degree murder.  Layfield and Mirabelli received 20-40 years in prison while Amanda Wayda was given 15-40 years.

As their friend Joshua Rose overdosed, the three accomplices drove past a hospital as they strangled him and dumped his body over cliff and onto railroad tracks.

According to Preston Layfield, Amanda”had first placed the plastic bag over Rose’s head before handing Layfield the jumper cables and telling him he ‘need to do this.’”  They then choked Rose to death and placed a hat and sunglasses on the victim before throwing his body off a cliff where it landed by railroad tracks.

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