Amanda Knox, Murder

How public relations helps convicts get away with murder


For many years, celebrities have used their prominent status to help free convicted killers.  This is because public relations has and will most likely continue to be hired to help free convicts.  The most recent examples are Rihanna, Lebron James and Kim Kardashian all calling for a young woman named Cyntoia Brown to be freed.  Brown has been convicted  in a court of law, of murder.

If a defendant is not found innocent by a jury in a court of law, then the next move is public relations. Just ask Amanda Knox.  Her father hired public relations guru David Marriott who then began a campaign online and in mainstream media advocating for Knox.  The shady tactics ranged from ostensibly paying  ‘experts’ to distort the evidence, publishing pro-Knox articles on major news websites that were full of inaccuracies and hiring puppets online to attack anyone who believed Knox and Sollecito were guilty.

Other notable examples of public relations meddling include the creation of  documentaries designed to mislead the public while portraying rightfully convicted criminals as ‘wrongfully convicted.’   Two prominent examples are Steven Avery and West Memphis Three.  Avery is still in prison but the West Memphis Three were freed by  “Alford pleas, which allowed them to assert their innocence while acknowledging that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them.”  WM3 had celebrity Johnny Depp supporting them too.  All of this caused the public to take the side of convicted killers.

The West Memphis Three: Another Instance Where A Strong Pro-Guilt Case Is Being Garbled For Profit

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were convicted twice of murder while Knox was definitively found guilty of calunnia or criminal slander by the Supreme Court in 2015.  Knox falsely accused her boss, Patrick Lumumba of the murder.  The Italian Supreme Court controversially acquitted them of the murder while stating in their reasoning report that Knox was present at the murder scene and washed Meredith’s blood from her hands.  Under pressure of the international media (aka public relations) the Italian courts gave in and sent Knox back home.  Back in the states, Knox and her public relations continue to lie as she promotes her movie and is paid $5-10,000 for each speaking gig she gives.  She claims to have been found completely innocent.

Amanda Knox the 15-million-dollar-woman

So it seems that if you are guilty of murder and want to circumvent the judicial system – just hire a public relations firm.  To help drum up the public’s support, create a documentary that obscures the truth while portraying the murderer(s) in a favorable light.  Finally, get some celebrities to speak out on the murderers behalf.  These are the proven techniques for getting away with murder.  Who needs a justice system?  We have public relations and celebrities to determine court cases.

1 thought on “How public relations helps convicts get away with murder”

  1. You are sooo right! Check out the case of Satpal Ram, below. Like Cyntoia Brown, Emma Humphreys was a teenage prostitute who murdered a man in cold blood. It doesn’t always work though: Linda Carty is still behind bars.


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