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Amanda Knox public relations points published in college paper


Amanda Knox and her public relations firm must be thrilled.  They have managed to have their lies spun in a college paper, “What Not to Do When Your Roommate Is Murdered in Italy: Amanda Knox, Her ‘Strange’ Behavior, and the Italian Legal System” by Martha Grace Duncan.  Eighty-one pages long and citing all pro-innocence books and articles.  The paper includes many factual errors; a few will be corrected here.

Much like the Amanda Knox documentary, this paper is all about Amanda Knox.   The author makes this clear in the beginning when she states that her paper is based on retracing Knox’s footsteps and interviewing Knox.   The bias is loud and clear.

The main problem is that elements stated as facts throughout the article, are actually false.  She includes the same public relations fake news repeated over the years.  On top of this, other details, pertinent to the given points, are missing.  It would take another 80+ page paper to correct all of the mistakes and/or omissions.   This article will cover just a few.

The first point the writer brings up is about the pink vibrator Amanda displayed in the bathroom.   (This also happens to be the first thing Amanda decided to make a spontaneous statement about in court to everyone’s surprise)  Duncan presents this vibrator as the only reason for friction between Knox and Kercher. She write that it would “enable the prosecution to say there was antipathy between you and the victim, thus providing a motive for the crime.”

Duncan omits the fact that Amanda didn’t flush the toilet numerous times ostensibly in passive aggressiveness towards Meredith (only the two of them shared the smaller bathroom).  Meredith complained to her family and friends about this. The writer also neglects to mention the many times Amanda brought home strange men, one of whom molested Meredith.   Duncan also leaves out the rivalry Amanda had with Meredith over a young man named Giacomo.  Amanda nursed a crush on Giacomo but he only liked Meredith and dated her.  Amanda even said to Meredith, “I like Giacomo too but you can have him.”  Which also angered Meredith who didn’t need Amanda’s permission to date her boyfriend.


In the fifth point about Amanda’s incriminating behavior at the police station, Duncan neglects to mention that  Amanda knew facts about the murder that only the perpetrators would know.   When everyone was taken to the station, no one knew what happened, except for Amanda it seemed.  Knox announced to everyone that she found Meredith when in reality, she and Raffaele were not privy to the discovery of Meredith.  Suspiciously Amanda knew about Meredith’s wounds, where her body originally lay before it was moved postmortem, in or in front of the closet.  Amanda also knew that Meredith had died slowly.  There is no innocent explanation for this.  Meredith choked on her own blood as if filled her lungs.  It took approximately ten minutes for her to finally succumb to her injuries.  So Amanda laughing and callously complaining within hours of Meredith’s discovery by stating “Of course she suffered, she f**king bled to death.”  All of it together was suspicious.  This did not get her arrested but it certainly supports all of the other evidence, when put together points to her, Sollecito and Guede murdering Meredith Kercher.

In point number eight the writer suggests that Amanda had the opportunity to go home or to Germany with her aunt but valiantly decided to stay and help the police.  This is another repeated PR fallacy. Amanda was instructed that she could not leave Perugia as were some of Meredith’s friends.   Amanda complained about this bitterly in a phone conversation with her aunt the day after Meredith was found.   Amanda Knox did not “aspire to help the police find Meredith’s killer” as Duncan writes.  On the contrary, Amanda Knox was furious that the police wouldn’t let her leave town (see video below.)

The last error I will cover in this article is where Duncan writes that Amanda was “questioned for four hours straight while deprived of food and water.”  Again this is another public relations lie.  Amanda was not questioned for four hours nor was she deprived food and water.  Amanda tagged along with Raffaele after he (not her) was called into the station.  They arrived after 10pm, Amanda did her cartwheels, splits and back bends around 11pm, the interpreter arrived at 12:30 AM and Amanda signed a document after it was typed up and prepared at 1:45 AM (see video below quoting official trial testimonies.)

So from the moment of entering the questura to signing on the dotted line was  at most 3 hrs 45 mins but the questioning was about one hour or less when Amanda falsely accused Patrick Lumumba of the murder.  Amanda still has not paid him the court ordered damages, even after making millions of dollars from Meredith Kercher’s murder.

2 thoughts on “Amanda Knox public relations points published in college paper”

  1. It makes me immensely sad to see that it’s possible that she’s able to continue to spread her lies over and over again. It disappoints deeply that there are unscrupulous accessaries … even 10 years after the crime she and her “then – lover – for – 5 – days” Raffaele Sollecito (obviously – have a look at the whole body of evidence) committed. A constant renewal of “her point of view” seem to be her / their life insurance. Will there ever be readiness & space for the truth ?

    Ms. Amanda Knox …….. I would like to call out to you:

    “There’s no right life in the wrong one.”
    (Th. W. Adorno)


  2. This article is tight, succinct, and truthful — exact opposite from decade-long batch of lies being told by Amanda Knox’s PR agency, her family, and devoted entourage of ‘murderer groupies.’ A deluded, apparently lazy, professor has decided the only sources for her scholarly paper should be the words and views from the murderers themselves whose greatest self interest it is to be seen as innocent of a very brutal murder. Is the mind of professor Duncan so narrow she doesn’t even understand there is another side to this story, or does she have another motivation to continue disseminating the false narrative from the murderers’ long-time supporters?

    Another glaring disappointment was the coverage of this horrible international criminal case which shone a spotlight on the lack of critical thinking from an American media who was eagerly fed by a complicit PR agency whose only interest was to influence public opinion and control the damage done by their murdering American client, while allowing her to make a significant fortune from the death of the true innocent victim, Meredith Kercher. A majority of the American public swallowed the false narrative of Amanda Knox’s innocence whole, not understanding that if they had been presented with the same information about this murder they would have concluded as most of Italian public did — Amanda and Raffaele committed murder and Amanda Knox clearly and firmly belongs in a class of infamous ‘fake innocents’ along with OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony.


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