Amanda Knox, Murder

Documentary reveals Amanda Knox’s video bullying of Meredith Kercher


The Netflix documentary which was released on September 30, 2016, has proven to be another propaganda piece for the convicted slanderer who escaped justice in the murder of Meredith Kercher.  The creators of the film have been advocating for Knox for years while misleading viewers about their slanted view of the case.


One of the highlights of the movie was a hitherto unseen video of Meredith Kercher shortly before she was stabbed to death.  The footage was taken by Amanda Knox herself when they were at the Eurochocolate festival.  This motion picture somehow escaped from being a part of the investigation case files.   It is a mystery how the video was not collected by the police, only to surface now in a pro-Amanda-Knox-is-innocent documentary.

While it is refreshing to witness the ethereal beauty of Meredith Kercher, it also causes some concern. What is unwittingly revealed by this video, meant to convey a friendship between Knox and Kercher, it actually clearly illustrates the discordant relationship between them.

In the short clip a camera is being stuck closely into Meredith’s face, too close for comfort.  Judging by the unwilling starlet’s reaction, this intrusion into her personal space was extremely unwanted.  While Meredith smiles a bit as she realizes that this is all being recorded on video, her obvious exasperation and discomfort is palpable.

Again and again Meredith turns away.  Amanda slides the camera away onto the crowd, but then quickly turns the camera back onto Meredith for a second stealthful video assault.  Meredith had tried to be polite about it at first, merely turning her back to the camera but after the second intrusion Meredith defensively sticks her hand up to block the camera lens.

Putting one’s hand over the front of someone’s camera clearly shows that Meredith felt violated by Amanda’s unwelcome filming of her.  Furthermore, Amanda doesn’t stop.  She films her, then turns the camera away, pretends to stop, only to quickly turn the camera back on Meredith again!  This was more than just Meredith not liking being the center of attention. Also, the video is silent for some reason, probably because Meredith was telling Amanda to stop it.

Amanda Knox exhibited a lack of respect for boundaries in this video that she took.  It wasn’t the first time either as there are other examples of Knox’s psychological troubles and violating boundaries as described by Dr. Hodges in his book As Done Unto You.  Knox’s behavior crossed the line many times.

How inappropriate can this video possibly be?  It shows the future murder suspect forcing the future murder victim to be videotaped without consent.  Amanda was being aggressive and offensive doing this.  At no time do you see the two of them posing together as real friends might do.  No, this video that Amanda took of Meredith was against Meredith’s will and made Meredith feel encroached upon.   It leads one to speculate what else Amanda did to Meredith against her will.


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