Amanda Knox’s co-defendant Rudy Guede corrects lies in Netflix documentary

Rudy Guede’s Facebook page

Rudy Guede, the black man who was accused and convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher along with Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito has written a response to an article about Amanda Knox’s Netflix documentary.

Many fallacies about the third man tried for the murder of Meredith Kercher swirl around and can be directly attributed to Amanda Knox and her supporters.  One major lie that Knox supporters repeat is the claim that Rudy acted alone.  This is false. It was proven forensically that multiple people attacked and killed Meredith Kercher.


Of course, shifting all of the blame onto the black man makes it convenient for Amanda and Raffaele who relieve themselves of the pressure of having to find the real killer a la O.J. Simpson.  In addition to this, Amanda Knox supporters have and continue to defame Rudy Guede as well as Perugian prosecutor Dr. Giuliano Mignini in social media and on their websites.

Rudy Hermann Guede holds a Facebook presence via his legal team in Italy. In Rudy’s Facebook post responding to a review by Virginia Champion, they pointed out that Rudy Guede was not found by the courts to have stricken the fatally blow.  Rudy Guede was convicted as an accomplice but not the one who wielded the knife.  Judge Nencini determined that it was Amanda Knox who fatally stabbed Meredith.


Also, Rudy Guede is no longer represented by original lawyer, Walter Biscotti.   Finally, Guede’s legal team challenges the assertion that Rudy’s Skype conversation somehow clears Knox and Sollecito from blame.  Apparently, the Skype call could also be used to clear Rudy Guede as well.

Rudy Guede requested a retrial a few months ago, since Knox and Sollecito were acquitted as his sentence is not compatible with the final judgement of his co-defendants by the Supreme Court.  Guede is awaiting an answer from the appeals court any day now.

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