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Amanda Knox hater troll list – STDs blatant attempt to intimidate justice seekers


I’d like to take a moment to address a wordpress website which has me as one of the featured people.  It is a site called ‘Knox hater troll site’ and it lists individuals who understand the facts surrounding the murder of Meredith Kercher and who have exercised their right to express their opinion that Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede are all guilty.

The real title on that blog should be ‘Justice Seekers’ as that is what they are.  The Italian supreme court may have acquitted Amanda and Raffaele for ‘insufficient evidence’ but the murder suspects have NOT been found innocent of the crime. (Indeed Amanda Knox’s conviction for criminal slander or calunnia was upheld by ISC.)  Also in the court of public opinion, they are far from innocent.  This is shown in a recent article about Amanda’s accusation against an innocent black man for the crime.

Anyone who dares to write about the facts that clearly point towards Amanda and Raffaele’s complicity in the murder of Meredith Kercher have been subjected to online harassment by ‘Supportive Trolls for the Defense'(STDs) also known as Friends of Amanda (FOA.)

defamation2.pngThere are blogs written for the sole purpose of defaming myself and others who disagree with the STDs.  They claim that anyone who believes Knox is guilty simply hate her personally.  This is not true, of course.  Justice seekers have no personal feelings against Knox, Sollecito, Guede, Jodia Arias, Casey Anthony, Oscar Pistorius, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy or any other murderer.  The only group full of hate are those who support these murderers.

The justice seekers on their list, could easily respond with their own list of STDs and ‘out’ all of them.  But Justice Seekers have what STDs don’t: dignity, intelligence and restraint.  Therefore the people on that list will not lower themselves to the level of STDs who created the Knox Hater Troll website.

Another website defaming author.  STDs created this site, copying the name of a Justice Seekers website.  STDs also copied a wikipedia website about Meredith Kercher Murder case as well to spread lies about case.

Please be aware that this and some other STD websites who defame innocent people, are full of lies and deceptions.  Many innocent hardworking people have had their names muddied all over the internet by theses anonymous STDs.  Everyone on that list is aware of it but unfortunately this abuse has been allowed to continue on the internet unchecked by authorities.

Another STD created just to defame author.

I would like readers to know that the sick minds behind the Knox Hater Troll website, who defame upstanding, law-abiding citizens, are to be pitied but not taken seriously.  The creators of Knox hater troll website and others are criminals who will probably find themselves in court in the not too distant future.


UPDATE: After I wrote this article, STD’s tweeted me to let me know they had investigated my background and knew my family members.  Anonymous trolls listing off my family and friends in veiled threats to harass them as well. As well a tweeting their own photoshops.





2 thoughts on “Amanda Knox hater troll list – STDs blatant attempt to intimidate justice seekers”

  1. Thank you Liz and let me add this …

    Some month ago I quotet Mr. Elie Wiesel, who regretfully died in the meantime.

    Mr. Wiesel addressed the following words to the „Deutscher Bundestag“ in January 2000. It was a memorial speech in connection with the Holocaust. In this respect – of course (!) – we see different things but in my opinion his impressive words certainly have universality, when it comes to victims in general.

    Therefore I would like to repeat those words …..

    “But by conspiring to obliterate the victims’ memory, those who want to turn the page are killing them a second time, and that will be their burden.”
    (Elie Wiesel, 01.27.2000)

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  2. I couldn’t care less how much Knox’s toxic little cult of creepy sycophants wail about me personally. I would like to point out though that I have no idea who that poor guy is they claim is me on their hate site, nor is my name Andrew Connor. That said, I do urge The STD’s (apt name btw) to keep trying. Do it for Amanda!

    I will continue to speak the truth about the Meredith Kercher case and continue to use primary sources and judges reports, including Cassation’s acquitting to speak the truth and support my opinion via court established fact, such as the acquitting court establishing that Amanda Knox was definitely, certainly, unequivocally 100% no room for argument or doubt there when Ms Kercher was murdered but that even had she had have washed Meredith’s blood from her hands, it STILL can’t be proven that she did it. (Court don’t make same allowance for black guy though, had he have washed Ms Kercher’s blood from his shoes for example).
    Or how it’s also strongly suspected by the court that Sollecito was there too when Meredith was murdered, as in the guy who left his DNA in a 17 loci match on the victim’s underwear.
    Or how Knox remains a convicted criminal felon due to her Blame the Black Guy Syndrome.

    Everyone who has campaigned for the truth regarding a completely innocent murder victim and her completely innocent family, everyone who has countered and catalogued the callous obscene online attacks on an innocent murder victim and her family, everyone who has linked the court reports and transcripts, everyone who has contacted journalists, and everyone who has put together informative wiki sites brimming with primary sources and reports: HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH. You did the right thing. You stepped up when needed and showed that there’s hope for us all as human beings yet, long as we’re willing to do the right thing when needed. Knox’s toxic odious feral pack of racist, xenophobic and decidedly highly strung hybristophilliacs can never take that away from any of you. The truth can never be silenced and has a habit of coming to light when one least expect it.
    The truth can also be a very ugly, unpleasant and disheartening thing. That’s all the more reason to stand up for it.
    So pay no attention to that creepy cult of nutjobs. And always coutneract PR for killers with facts, evidence and primary sources. Because he truth is on our side and never forget that.
    Peace out and keep up the good work. 😀

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