Escaped killer on the loose in Texas – public not being informed

tony cason_1467495668798_3677958_ver1.0
Tony Carson.  Credit: Dallas County Jail

It is being reported on August 25, 2016 that a psychiatric patient was accidentally released in Dallas, Texas.   Tony Carson is a patient of Timberlawn Mental Health System where he killed a doctor.  He was being held at the county jail.

“It is not yet clear how the mistaken release occurred, but News 8 has learned that neither Dallas police or the sheriff’s department have informed the public about the mistake.”

On June 3, 2016 Dr. Ruth Anne MarDock was pushed to the ground by Carson, where she hit her head and lost consciousness.   She died two days later.  Carson has been charged with manslaughter.

Carson was accidentally released from the Dallas County jail on August 19, 2016 but the mistake was not noticed until yesterday.


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