Two upstate NY burnt bodies not connected

Robert Mitchell   Phot Src:

It is being reported on July 8, 2016 that a couple, 35-year-old Aykut Ozkaynak and 42-year-old Mary Neverett, have been arrested in connection with the burnt body found in Caledonia, NY on July 4th.  The body has been identified as Patrice Miller who lived with the suspects.  This case is not believed to be related to a second burning body found in Rochester, NY on Wednesday, July 6.

The second burned body was discovered in the early morning hours at La Grange Park in Rochester.  The body was identified by family members as being 37-year-old Robert Mitchell.  Although his body was found burning in the park only a two days after and 20 miles from the first burnt body of Patrice Miller, the cases are not believed to be related.

With the perpetrator(s) still out there, people who knew him are hesitant to discuss the case publicly but said that they did not believe that he was involved in any illegal or suspicious activities.  Robert Mitchell was socially active and ran his own photography business.   He worked with children at BOCES (Board of Cooperative Education Services) and at the YMCA.   He had just started a new job before he was murdered.

The spot in La Grange Park where Robert Mitchell’s body was found burning.  Photo Src:




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