NY State Police announce arrest in case of burning body found in Caledonia NY

Photo Src: NYS Police Facebook page

On Friday morning, July 8, 2016  NY State Police held a press conference to announce the arrest of two suspects in the murder of 64-year-old Patrice Miller.  On July 4, Miller was found burnt beyond recognition on Lacey Road in Caledonia, NY.

Police said that they were able to quickly apprehend her two roommates, 35-year-old Aykut Ozkaynak and 42-year-old Mary Neverett after identifying Miller from a serial number on her artificial knee.  Miller’s daughter had recently reported her mother missing which also helped police narrow their investigation.  Police discovered other evidence which led them to charge the couple who lived in Miller’s home with murder.


35-year-old Aykut Ozkaynak and 42-year-old Mary Neverett

Mary Neverett was a family friend of Patrice Miller who moved into Miller’s home about a year ago.  Mary’s boyfriend, Aykut Oxkaynak moved in a short time after.  Police did not discuss the motive for the murder.  The suspects were apprehended at a Motel 6 Wednesday night.

The police are awaiting a coroner’s report to determine the cause of Patrice Miller’s death.

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