Map of Caledonia and Rochester, NY where two burning bodies found

Second body found torched in upstate NY


It is being reported on July 7, 2016 that a second incinerated body was discovered in upstate NY.  “A witness spotted one body burned beyond recognition in a wooded part of La Grange Park in Rochester just before 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, less than two days after a body was found on the side of an isolated dirt road in Caledonia.”

The first body was found Monday around 10:50pm by the side of the road in Caledonia, NY.  “Right now, they say the body was burned beyond recognition and they aren’t sure of a gender or the age. They are treating the matter as a homicide at this time.”

When another witness discovered the second corpse early Wednesday morning in Rochester, NY, it was still burning.  Rochester is approximately 22 miles away from Caledonia.

Police have not found a connection between the two burning corpses.  Neither body has been identified yet. “‘We are in the beginning stages of the investigation and this will be a slow and methodical process,’ said Rochester Police Department Investigator Frank Camp.”

Police are asking the public with any information to call 911, 311 or Crimestoppers at (585) 423-9300.

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