Crime & Courts is shutting down


It is being reported that news website is shutting down soon.  “Michael Roth, a Los Angeles-based spokesman for Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) . . . notes that “we did not put out a statement” announcing’s demise.”  In an email to writers it was announced that the website would “close down on or around July 10, 2016.”

Roth said it was not an easy decision to end the news site as it has been attracting “fifteen million unique visitors a month.”   Examiner has decide to narrow their content solely towards music and entertainment related news for “We’ve shifted our content focus to and growing that platform,” Roth confirms. “ will continue to provide information about a lot of the shows we’re promoting and selling through the site, as well as some other lifestyle content.”

While some examiner writers move on to AXS others are advised to save their work as it may not be accessible after July 10, 2016.

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