Oscar Pistorius gets six years for murdering Reeva Steenkamp


In a shocking end to a three-year legal battle, it is being reported on July 6, 2016 that Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to six years in prison for murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.  He will be eligible for house arrest by 2019.   Reeva Steenkamp’s parents left the courtroom without comment.

Pistorius shot and killed Reeva in his home on Valentine’s day in 2013. He was first found guilty of manslaughter.  Prosecutors appealed and won a guilty conviction for murder.

Judge Thokozile Masipa, aware of the widespread sentiment that Pistorius should have received a full sentence of 15 years stated, “Public opinion may be loud and persistent but it can play no role in the decision of this court.  I am of the view that a long term in prison will not serve justice.”

“Masipa cited mitigating circumstances for the lesser punishment, saying Pistorius is genuinely remorseful and a good candidate for rehabilitation. She described him as a ‘fallen hero’ who will never be at peace.”

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