Amanda Knox and her ex: Enough is enough


A prisoner serves a sixteen-year-sentence for a murder that the courts have declared he did not commit, while a former murder convict is currently being touted as a “crime expert.”  Before this, a creative writing major was blasted across the media waves as a “journalist”  Such are the public relations antics being played out in the news.  All part of an ongoing communications war between three devious defendants in the Meredith Kercher murder case:  Rudy Guede, Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox.  So far the score is: two acquittals, one conviction.

For the nearly ten years that this murder saga sensationally dragged on, Knox advocates repeatedly exclaimed there was no PR involved.  However, this turned out to be only one of their many lies as many credible sources such as the New York Times covered the story of Curt Knox hiring multi-million dollar public relations firm Gogerty Marriott to push Knox and Sollecito’s defense.  Gogerty Marriott has since closed it’s doors.

David Marriott now works out of Allison-Partners public relations firm in Seattle, WA.  The city most known for whiting out any negative publicity on their hometown “heroin” ex-con-Knox.  While her ex-f*ckbuddy, (they shacked up the first night they met while doing drugs, so let’s call it what it was) has abruptly dropped his publicly funded (to the tune of $73,000) graveyard groupware gig to become another TV talking head. 

The bad news for the “Draculapp” deviser is that public opinion is “molto” more in favor of Guede who is considered far more eloquent and believable than Sollecito.  For example, one Italian tweeted,”quanto a lingua italiana e lucidità mentale Guede batte Sollecito 1000 0” (translation: As  for the Italian language and mental clarity Guede beats Sollecito 1000 to 0.)   Nevertheless, fools rush in (or should that be ‘ghouls rush in’).

After Rudy Guede’s bombshell interview on hit show Storie Maledette (Cursed Stories), the publicity machine has been reignited.  “Meredith said that Amanda Knox had stolen money from her, that Knox was filthy, didn’t clean, etc. . . I heard Meredith and Amanda argue . . . Amanda Knox was at the crime scene when Meredith was murdered, I am absolutely sure,” Rudy clearly stated on national television.  Surprisingly no slander lawsuits have been filed against Guede.  Perhaps this is because Knox and Sollecito are too busy defending themselves against the defamation lawsuits brought against them for what they wrote in their books.

The FOAkers (Friends of Amanda Knox) are now centering their PR efforts on Italian soil where Guede and his legal team have been preparing to challenge his conviction.  This is war, PR style.  It is the Knox/Sollecito versus Guede show.  Everyone is pointing their finger at the others.  Remember that Raffaele could never be sure if Amanda was with him the night of the murder and Amanda, well, she gave a few different versions of that night as well.  And Rudy, he just knows Amanda was there with some man and then there was all of that blood all over the bathroom and corridor.   Bottom line, they have all proven themselves to be deceitful.  No one can believe any of them.   Now they are again using public relations in an attempt to force a verdict on the court of public opinion.  Good luck.   As Knox said herself, “I think you that can see what the truth is if you really want to see it.”  People have seen more than enough.

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