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Similarities between Courtney Love & Amanda Knox


Two suspicious deaths and two women who have been made infamous because of them.  Kurt Cobain was found dead on April 8, 1994.  Many believe his wife (whom he was about to divorce) Courtney Love orchestrated his death.  A new documentary released in 2015 titled, “Soaked in Bleach” includes retired Seattle Chief-of-police stating that he believes the case should be re-opened.  There is an abundance of evidence pointing to Courtney Love’s involvement with Kurt’s death.

X_ezel2u.jpg large

Meredith Kercher was found dead on November 2, 2007.  Prosecutors believe that her roommate, Amanda Knox, orchestrated her death.  While she and her boyfriend have been set free, the judges deemed that they were both under ‘strong suspicion‘ of being responsible.  (The ISC ruled that Knox was present in the cottage and that she washed off her victim’s blood from her hands.)

Two women, strongly suspected of murder, Courtney Love and Amanda Knox have a lot in common:


  1. Both born on July 9th
  2. Both abused alcohol and drugs
  3. Both bonded with their boyfriends with drugs
  4. Both from the Pacific Northwest  (Oregon and Washington state)
  5. Both made millions of dollars from the deaths
  6. Both described as pathological liarscourtney.ak20.jpg
  7. Both described as psychopaths
  8. Both strongly suspected of being involved in the murder
  9. Both planted stories in the media to put a positive spin on themselves
  10. Both of their boyfriends (in Courtney’s case, ex-boyfriend) are also strongly suspected of being manipulated by them to help with murder
  11. Both were fully supported by Seattle police and media in Seattle, WA courtney.ak1.2a
  12. Both enjoy singing loudly and brashly on stage
  13. Both came from broken homes and had difficult early life
  14. Both were the result of unplanned pregnancies
  15. Both have been described as ‘good actresses’
  16. Both are strongly suspected of killing someone who was much more talented/successful/popular/intelligent than themselvescourtney.ak3
  17. Both went on to follow the same career path as the person they are strongly suspected of murdering
  18. Both are known for being grungy/dirty in appearance, lacking hygiene.
  19. Both have displayed overly-aggressive behavior (ex. Knox threw drink over DJ’s head in Italy in night club and got thrown out, Courtney was in a number of fights)
  20. Both hired experts to refute evidence with absurd claims.



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