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‘The FBI? They’re bulls***’: Heather Mack talks smack

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It is being reported on November 2, 2015 that Heather Mack’s lawyer will not be receiving the $200,000 requested from Mack’s trust fund.

Heather Mack, 21, is in prison for murdering her mother Sheila von Wiese-Mack with her boyfriend, Tom Schaefer, in Bali on August 12, 2014.  Heather and her boyfriend conspired to kill Heather’s 62-year-old mother in her hotel room by blunt force trauma to her head.  The young couple sent texts to each other before and during the attack, revealing that the murder was premeditated.  This conflicts with their previous accusations that they killed Sheila von Wiese-Mack in self-defense.  The young couple accused the deceased woman of using racial epithets and initiating the attack. However, texts reveal the mother was asleep when they bludgeoned her.  Her half-naked body was discovered in a suitcase the next day.

Sheila von Wiese-Mack’s brother, William von Wiese, is in charge of his neice’s trust fund and he recently went to court to prevent Heather from accessing the funds.  Heather was an only child.

“The status of Mack’s trust fund has been in flux since she was charged with her mother’s murder. On Monday, a judge denied Mack’s request for more trust money as the courts determine whether Mack is subject to the Illinois Slayer Statute, which says a person who intentionally causes the death of another person cannot receive property as a result of that person’s death. . . The judge gave trust attorneys 90 days regarding the Slayer Statute Petition to obtain further documentation, including third-party subpoenas in Indonesia. The next status hearing will be held on Feb. 3, 2016.”

Heather Mack has enjoyed a relaxing prison stay with her newborn daughter, Stella, who was born last March 17, 2015.  It was reported on November 4, 2015 that Stella was taken to the doctor to examine her sixth finger on her hand.  ” . . .today’s visit to hospital, which followed the baby being Christened in the jail’s chapel by an Anglican clergyman, was to allow surgeons to inspect the baby’s extra finger – which is said to be more in the shape of a tough piece of tissue. If a sixth finger does contain bone, it is rare to have joints.”

Heather is serving a ten year sentence for murdering her mother while her boyfriend, Tom Schaefer was sentenced to 18 years.  Tom’s cousin, Robert Bibbs, also faces charges for assisting the young couple with their murderous plans via text.  Bibbs pled not guilty in court on October 29, 2015.

“The complaint filed against Bibbs last month contained a series of text messages between Mack and Schaefer on the morning of the slaying that provide a chilling countdown to the slaying. Mack repeatedly implored Schaefer to sneak into the room while her mother was sleeping and help her get the job done, prosecutors said.

‘Let me just creep up and whack her,’ Schaefer texted to Mack moments before the killing, according to the complaint.

‘Okay just knock her out,’ Mack replied.

Minutes after the slaying, Schaefer texted his cousin back in Chicago that ‘for some reason’ he didn’t feel bad, according to the charges.

‘She wasn’t a good person,’ Bibbs allegedly responded. “There wasn’t any positive energy released from her body.”

When journalists asked Heather Mack about the charges brought onto her boyfriend’s cousin she exclaimed,The FBI? They’re bull***”

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