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Murder charges against Irish nanny, Aisling Brady McCarthy, dropped

It is being reported on August 31, 2015 that the murder charges against Irish nanny, Aisling Brady McCarthy,36, have been dropped by the prosecutor.  The reversal came about because the medical examiner changed the cause of death of the 1-year-old infant from homicide by “blunt force trauma to the head” to “undetermined.”

Rehma Sabir died on January 14, 2013 in Cambridge, MA while the nanny, who was living in the U.S. illegally, was taking care of her.  The parents were visiting family in Britain when the child was taken to the hospital  with, ” . . .multiple fractures, bleeding behind her eyes and swelling on her brain . . .”   She died two days later.

Now the medical examiner is stating that, “child’s medical history could have made Rehma “prone to easy bleeding with relatively minor trauma.”  They now believe that the injuries could have been accidental or the  “result of an undefined natural disease.”

The defense noted that the baby had bone and compression fractures weeks before the child was in the nanny’s care.  The baby was very sick for most of it’s life, she “suffered from a bleeding disorder and gastrointestinal problems.”

After this new evidence was submitted by the coroner, the prosecutors could no longer meet the burden of proof and dropped the murder charge.   However, since McCarthy had overstayed her visa before taking care of the child, she will be deported back to Ireland.

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