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Delaware teen charged with impersonating a police officer

Edward Steele Jr., 17.
Edward Steele Jr., 17. Delaware State Police

It is being reported on August 29, 2015 that a 17-year-old named Edward Steele Jr., was taken into custody for impersonating a police officer while attempting to pull over a 24-year-old female driver on Bayside Drive.

The woman stated that the teenager, driving a tan colored Chevrolet Impala, had pulled to the side of the road and let her drive past.  Then he drove up behind her car and flashed some strobe lights which were fitted in the front grill and  windshield of his car.

The woman thought that the Impala was a police care and pulled over.  But the strobe-lighting-teen did not pull over with her so she drove on.

Later on the Impala appeared behind her a second time and flashed the strobe lights again.  The woman refused to stop this time and the teenager rode along side of her in a no-passing zone for a while before driving off.

The woman called 911 and described the suspect’s car to the Smyrna Police.  The officers apprehended Edward Steele a short time later and charged him with “…disorderly conduct, driving without a valid license, driving in a no-passing zone, and unauthorized flashing lights, police said. He was released on $1,325 unsecured bond.”

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