Crime & Courts

14-year-old boy holds students hostage in Virginia high school

August 26, 2015 – A fourteen year old high school student has been arrested after holding 29 students students hostage in a high school in West Virginia.   The student was described as “very troubled.

A teacher has been credited with keeping everyone calm during the standoff.  He influenced the gunman to not let any more students enter the classroom, keeping many more students out of danger.

After students were not allowed into the classroom they notified another teacher which led to police being alerted.

“Local authorities received a call about a report of someone with a gun about 1:30 p.m. local time Tuesday . . . the school was placed on a lockdown, while students elsewhere in the school were moved to a nearby football field, accounted for and sent home by school bus.”

Fortunately, the teacher and police were able to talk the young man into letting the hostages go and turning himself in.  “After initial negotiations, the suspect agreed to release the students and teacher, then eventually put the gun down and surrendered without further incident,” State Police Lt. Michael Baylous said.

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