Crime & Courts, Terrorism

Two men in France sentenced for threatening a ‘Charlie Hebdo 2’ attack on train


August 25, 2015 – Just two days after a terrorist attack on a Paris bound train which was heroically thwarted by young Americans, another group of passengers were terrorized.  Two young men, 22 and 23, aboard a train headed to Mantes-la-Jolie, told passengers that they had a bomb and would blow everyone up.

The men walked car to car,  asking the passengers Sunday morning if they were Muslim and told them to get out quickly if they wanted to be spared the “Charlie Hebdo 2” attack.  The men informed the terrified passengers that they had a bomb under their seat.

The two wannabe terrorists Taoufik and Frederic, were arrested a short time later and today were sentenced, Taoufik to 3 years and Frederic to 18 months in prison “for glorifying terrorist acts (apologie d’actes terroriste).”   Taoufik stated in court that he was drunk and didn’t remember anything.  However, blood tests showed a low amount of alcohol in his system.

“It’s very funny! exclaimed the[judge] . . . Friday, without the involvement of young Americans, there would have been a massacre. And so on Sunday you find funny to say there was a bomb on the train! You have an idea of ​​the trauma you’ve caused?

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