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Defense for Boston Marathon murderer wants to look at jurors social media accounts

August 24, 2015: Judge O’Toole has denied requests by the lawyers for Boston bomber, DzhokharTsarnaev,  for the names of the jurors who sentenced him to death three months ago.  The Boston Globe also requested the identities of the jury.

Tsarnaev’s attorneys who have recently demanded a new trial for the Muslim terrorist also wants to review the social media of the jurors and their “friends and families.”   Last week the killer’s legal representatives “filed a motion to vacate his conviction and death sentence, and asked for a new trial.”

The defense claims that the younger bomber didn’t get a fair trial because the jury may have been swayed by media reports.  They want to study the social media accounts of the jury members, friends and families to determine if they were influenced by the press.

The judge said that he has not yet decided on the motion for a new trial for the terrorist and until he does, the identities of the jurors will not be released.  The social media of the jurors families and friends will also not be revealed.  However, after the judge has decided, he said that he would disclose the jurors names.

Tsarnaev is incarcerated in the federal Supermax prison in Colorado.  His appeal is expected to take years.

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