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Interview with Lisa Wilson & Nick van der Leek -new book OBSCURITY Jodi Arias


Crime authors Lisa Wilson Nick van der Leek discuss book OBSCURITY Jodi Arias 08/16 by True Crimes | Current Events Podcasts.

“OBSCURITY is the 6th and final narrative in the Jodi Arias series examining a crime that rattled America and the world. True Crime maestro Lisa Wilson and freelance photojournalist Nick van der Leek are back one last time with their conclusions to this crazy yet heart-wrenching case.

In the first five narratives the authors emphasized several themes that played into the undercurrents of Jodi Arias. There was audacity, there was brazen mendacity, a lack of authenticity, vanity and the obscenities of a chameleon coming into her own. But the real root of this murder is a battle for significance. Jodi, dying on the inside, is not prepared to just fade away. Travis, although outwardly confident with his friends, on the inside is also plagued with feelings of inadequacy and questioning his own worth. The essence of this narrative, make no mistake, is ‘social death.’ When faced with OBSCURITY one is forced to make a decision: step out or step back. Thrive or die. On June 4th, 2008 Jodi made that decision for the both of them.

Hold onto your hats because in OBSCURITY the authors boldly tackle the Law of Attraction along with the central role it played in both Jodi’s and Travis’ life and death struggle. What did it give them, what did it get them and eventually what did it take from them? More than any of us imagined! ”

Lisa Wilson (aka Juror13) is a trial blogger who resides in California, USA. She calls herself Juror13 because she views cases from the perspective of a juror. Her opinions are intended to be representative of the public, not the media nor the legal contributors. A true interrogation of the evidence from a layman’s point of view.

Nick van der Leek is the author of the 8 part true crime series on the Oscar Pistorius Trial and co-author of a series of books interrogating the Jodi Arias trial. Besides writing books and freelance photojournalism, Nick is a professional photographer and editor (of

Wilson, Lisa; van der Leek, Nick (2015-07-26). OBSCURITY: Jodi Arias (A #SHAKEDOWN Title Book 5) . Kindle Edition.

Part 1

Part 2

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