Murder of Meredith Kercher

The Amanda Knox / BLM dichotomy exposes the mainstream media hypocrisy and lies perpetuated on the American people

For some reason the global predators who control the mainstream media platforms, and BLM, really want you to believe that Amanda Knox is innocent. They’ve given her a multi-million dollar book deal, Netflix documentary deal, and Facebook show along with going on tour and collecting donations all of which have made Amanda very wealthy. They have even gotten celebrities to endorse her.

What is most surprising is that Amanda Knox, a white woman, falsely accused a black man, Patrick Lumumba, of the murdering Meredith Kercher – and the American media ignores this fact! In 2007, Amanda claimed to have been in the kitchen covering her ears listening to Meredith’s screams as Lumumba killed her. The trouble with her story is that Lumumba wasn’t there as he had an airtight alibi, he was working in his business the night of the murder.

Why did Amanda try to pin the murder on Lumumba? She was obviously desperate to pass the buck onto someone else as the police were closing in on her. Only a guilty person would falsely accuse another.

Amanda let her boss Patrick Lumumba sit in jail for 2 weeks, she never recanted her accusation

Lumumba was her former boss, he owned a bar and employed Knox occasionally to hand out flyers. Lumumba fired Amanda shortly before the murder and, to add insult to injury, he had wanted to hire Meredith! So no doubt Amanda was still angry with him. So when the police started questioning Amanda about the murder, in desperation she quickly thought of the first person she despised the most – Lumumba – and falsely accused him of stabbing her roommate to death.

Deputy Prosecutor Giuliano Mignini writes about this in his new book where he gives his perspective of the events surrounding Meredith Kercher’s case and trial. Mignini exposes the globalist media lies to protect a convicted criminal named Amanda Knox. He writes,

There are those who wanted to construct a “narrative”,
entirely invented that has served to affirm stereotypes and
prejudices that justify and sustain a fake interpretation and
reconstruction of reality. I don’t care about all this, I will always
oppose it because I care only about the truth

Giuliano Mignini – Caso Meredith Kercher

While the mainstream media continues to publish lies to support Black Lives Matter, they simultaneously publish lies to support Amanda Knox. But the media is supporting contradictory narratives. The media is hating on white people, accusing them of oppressing blacks then spin around and support a white woman who oppressed a black man. This exposes the hypocrisy of the globalist-controlled media. How can the legacy media support BLM then turn around and endorse a white woman who falsely accused a black man of murder, getting him arrested and put in jail? The Amanda Knox / BLM dichotomy exposes the mainstream media hypocrisy and lies perpetuated on the American people.


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