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Shame on Mischa Barton supporting convicted felon Amanda Knox

Mischa Barton poses with convicted criminal Amanda Knox in support for her show ‘The Scarlet Letter Reports’.  Photo src: Instagram

For generations, high profile killers have used their infamy to lasso in celebrities to support their cause.  John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Johnny Depp and now Mischa Barton have all publicly supported a criminal.   Due diligence is mandatory before jumping onto a criminal’s campaign, they are astute and know how to take advantage of others.  Actors are as susceptible as anyone else.

This article will show three examples of murderers who were able to gain public support through media manipulation.  Their lies gained momentum and celebrities jumped onto their bandwagons.

In 1961 convicted killer James Hanratty attacked a young couple Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie.  Hanratty murdered Michael then raped and paralyzed Valerie from the waist down.

[Above: the murder victim Michael Gregsten and Valerie Storie who survived]
Valerie was able to identify Hanratty by sight and voice in a line up from her hospital bed.  Hanratty was sentenced to death.

[Above: Convicted murderer James Hanratty and his campaigning father]

“Hanratty was hanged at Bedford Prison on 4 April 1962. The day before he was hanged, he told his family: ‘I’m dying tomorrow but I’m innocent. Clear my name.’” 

Hanratty’s parents began a campaign to clear their killer son’s name. They spread doubts and lies, drumming up support for their odious offspring.  The disinformation campaign went on for decades.  Finally in 2001 it pushed authorities exhume Hanratty’s body to run DNA tests with traces found on the victims underwear and handkerchief.

The DNA tests confirmed without a doubt that Hanratty was the killer.  His DNA was all over the victim who had already identified him.  

Everyone had been conned for decades by the lying last words of a murdering storyteller.

This crusade for exoneration led to decades of countless hours of work by family, journalists, supporters and even ensconced John Lennon and Yoko One who posed for photographs with Hanratty’s parents.


[Above: John Lennon and Yoko Ono with Hanratty’s parents]

Everyone seemed to discount the victim and her testimony as entirely nonexistent.  It is an oft repeated mantra of innocence fraudsters that eye witnesses are often wrong.   This victimizes the victims over and over.  The damage done to the victims and their families, forced to endure falsehoods drummed in the media supporting a killer is irreparable.  It is a torture that no one deserves and only compounds the victims agony (much to the killers delight no doubt.)  Business and society lets it play out for entertainment value.  

Unfortunately this travesty is a repeated tale.

Another famous case is the West Memphis three.  Three young men, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley were found guilty of murdering three boys.  They were last seen alive on May 5, 1993.

“Echols had been seen covered in mud the evening the boys disappeared and Misskelley gave a confession.”


“It was a phone call received by the police on May 9th that really turned Echols into a major suspect. Narlene Hollingsworth, the aunt of Damien’s girlfriend Domini Teer, called the West Memphis Police to report a sighting of Echols near the murder scene on the night of the killings.”

Echols had a history of satanism and it was documented that he believed that he would get power from drinking a boy’s blood.

Damien Echols medical record # 052 dated a four months before the boys were murdered in May 1993.
Damien Echols medical record # 375

A campaign was started along with biased documentary.  The coup d’etat was bringing in well-known actor Johnny Depp to  advocate for the West Memphis 3.


See the source image
Damien Echols supported by Johnny Depp

In the end, after heavy campaigning, in August 2011 the murder suspects copped an Alford plea. This is a deal which allowed them to maintain their innocence while agreeing prosecutors had enough evidence to convict them. None of them has a certificate of innocence.

Today we have Amanda Knox being financed by Facebook to produce a video series titled ‘The Scarlet Letter Reports.’  Actress Mischa Barton has joined with others to help Amanda Knox spread her false message of being a victim of the media.

Mischa Barton joins Amanda Knox in support of her latest lie of allegedly being a victim of the media  Photo src: Instagram


Amanda Knox has earned millions of dollars (and continues to do so) claiming to be exonerated.  She wasn’t. She along with Raffaele Sollecito were acquitted of murder like OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony.

The Italian Supreme court stated in the final report that Knox was present at the time of the murder,  washed Meredith Kercher’s blood from her hands and committed the equivalent of felony obstruction of justice/criminal slander (calunnia.)   Knox falsely accused her African boss, Patrick Lumumba of raping and murdering Meredith.  For this Knox was definitively convicted and sentence to four years, time served.  The report also states that Rudy Guede did not act alone.

A few days after her arrest, Amanda Knox’s father Curt Knox hired a public relations firm which spread fakenews in main stream media, touting Amanda Knox’s alleged innocence.  (Is this the media Knox claims to have been ‘victimized’ by?  In reality it was the American public that was hoodwinked.)  Knox’s PR firm dispatched groups of trolls (including family members) that worked together to harass journalists and other citizens who knew the facts and spoke out about it.     Amanda’s murder groupies even tried to get people fired from their jobs.

Is Mischa Barton aware of all of this?  Or does she just not care?  Shame on her either way for involving herself with Amanda Knox.  She is aiding and abetting a convicted felon to perpetuate a lie on the public.

A quick google shows the masses of biased news articles supporting Amanda Knox.  It is patently absurd for Knox to push her latest lie that she was somehow victimized by the press.

Amanda Knox lies again and again to Americans and gets paid millions to do it.

Now Mischa Barton is along for the ride, giving more attention to Amanda Knox’s lies.  For shame.

The only victims in this case is Meredith Kercher and her family who have had to endure this abuse by a media that consistently repeats the convicted criminal’s lies.  All of this causes the victim to be victimized again and again.

Meredith Kercher  (1985 – 2007)




2 thoughts on “Shame on Mischa Barton supporting convicted felon Amanda Knox”

  1. You’d think murderer Amanda Knox would NOT continue to get any media gigs, even low-profile, inconsequential media platforms as these latest gigs. It appears there remains many low-information Americans who aren’t aware — AK’s book bombed! Even her powerful publisher was barely able to manipulate and portray a ‘fake’ New York Times best seller status for her memoir bomb. To anyone with perception, AK is all fake, all the time: a fake person, a fake intellectual, a fake innocent.


    1. Yes Leigh Leigh, fully agree. All fake. Knox is one single fake ….. unfortunately except one thing: The murder ….

      Apart from this there are two aspects I never understood:

      How it’s possible that nearly a whole nation (….. the Americans) walks blindly & uncritically behind her. Seems to be an easy job to fool masses of people in the end.

      Just say:

      „Hey, she is an „All American Girl“ ! It’s unthinkable a girl like her has to do with such a horrific crime. Impossible ! Of course she was „railroaded“ by „bad & stupid Italians“ who
      have a low opinion on „Americans“ & women in particular.

      Everybody will believe it without rethinking. How does this work ?

      The second point is the „mechanical system“ between the three suspects / perpetrators.

      We have a dead girl, poor Meredith Kercher. She didn’t commit suicide !

      She was killed. To call it as it is: brutally slaughtered .

      But all involved claim to be „innocent“.

      Two of the Trio were not found innocent during their trial but were acquitted at least by Italy’s highest Court and set free. They didn’t lose & still don’t lose any second: They’re parading around now permanently claiming alleged „innocence“.

      The third one is still in prison but – no wonder – claimes to be “innocent“ too. Nonsense of course due to the fact there’s overwhelming evidence – especially against him, Rudy Guede. His DNA was found everywhere in the room. It was found on & in the victims body. His „alibi“ ( …taking a shi* exactly the time when Merdith was killed next door ..) has holes like a Swiss cheese. More than that: It’s no cheese. It’s one big hole !

      No one is convinced of Guede’s „innocence“. Everyone knows he was involved and he was present in that room .. exactly the time Meredith was murdered. But apart from that everybody knows too that he was not the only killer present.

      So why he still refuses to tell the whole truth now ?
      Why he’s still protecting the others ?
      Why he still prefers to play the „scapegoat“ ?

      Court said definitively:

      Rudy, you were an accomplice, not the main killer. So why he’s acting the way he’s doing ?

      He did his time. He’s about to get a new start for a new life in forseeable future. There’s no „turning back the clock“ for him. It’s over. It’s done. There’s nothing to lose for him … only to win.

      Is he on the „pay – roll“ of Dott. Francesco Sollecito who want’s to keep his son’s name clean ?

      Did Rudy Guede make a deal — scapegoat for money ?


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