Crime of the Century

Bloomberg and Soros Gang Up To Bully American Podcast Host

Michael Bloomberg has decided to attack and defame Stew Peters. Stew Peters is an amazing, passionate, honest and successful news show host on Rumble. He has broken so many stories about what is really going on with these deadly mRNA injections and in the medical establishment. Unlike Soros and Bloomberg, Stew really cares about people. But the global predators don’t want you to know the truth. As a result, Bloomberg and George Soros are trying to destroy Stew.

Bloomberg and Soros are predators and Stew Peters is their prey. Dr. Peter Breggins writes about Bloomberg and Soros (among others) in his book ‘ Covid-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.‘ In it, Breggins reveals how Bloomberg is a traitor. Bloomberg works closely with the Chinese Communist Party who has stated clearly that they want to destroy America. Bloomberg and Soros, have also made it clear that their intentions are to destroy the U.S. economy (leading to the death of many Americans) and have everyone in the western world live under Chinese CCP Totalitarianism.

Doubt it? Then why haven’t they sued Dr. Breggin? Books been out over a year. Kind of like Kennedy’s book about Fauci. Nobody’s sued him either.

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