Amanda Knox, Murder

13 Spooky similarities Amanda Knox and Damien Echols share


13 Similarities between Amanda Knox and Damien Echols:

  1. Both have been found guilty of murder and spent time in prison. Three perpetrators were involved in both murders but all of the attention went to Knox and Echols during and after the trials.
  2. Both released from prison in 2011
  3. Neither has been exonerated.  Echols took an Alford plea and Knox was acquitted like OJ and Casey Anthony.  Knox convicted of criminal slander (calunnia.)
  4. Both published self-serving memoirs
  5. Both starred in biased documentaries with cherry picked facts to portray themselves as innocent.
  6. Both have been treated like quasi-celebrities since their release. Charging for speaking engagements and giving book signings.
  7. Both have powerful PR firms with aggressive trolls supporting them online.  Their trolls attack authors on Amazon and constantly attack people on Facebook and Twitter who believe they did it.
  8. Both are showcased on All American Speakers website.  Charge $10-20,000 per talk plus expenses.



8. Both refuse to answer certain questions about their cases – screening questions at events and only answering approved questions.

9. Both have Hollywood celebrities supporting them. Echols- Johnny Depp and Knox- Donald Trump, Mischa Barton

10. Supporters for both insult the criminal courts that they were tried in with the same insult, calling them “kangaroo courts.”

11.  Both push love stories with the publicity of their crimes.  Knox claimed in her documentary to have been so in love with Raffaele Sollecito.  Numerous articles are published about Echols and his wife.  They dated while he was in prison and he recently published the love letters they wrote to each other.

12.  Both are supported by the same high profile crime talking heads: John Douglas, Jim Clemente, and Laura Richards.

13. Both have been caught lying about the facts of their cases.

13.5 Both abused dogs.


Knox sits on dog in family picture


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