Judge castigates controversial psychiatrist Dr. Breggin in Michelle Carter case



It is being reported on August 21, 2017 that Michelle Carter was in court on two separate issues.  One was to clarify the probation requirements of Ms. Carter who was found guilty of manslaughter earlier this month.  The other was to admonish the defense’s expert witness, Dr. Peter Breggin, who testified on Carter’s behalf.

Breggin blogged about the case and published on the internet, confidential medical records of the victim, Conrad Roy III.  The doctor was a no-show in court today but that didn’t prevent the judge from ordering all medical records to be kept private.

In addition to this, Judge Moniz said of the controversial psychiatrist:

“I think that it’s undignified and quite frankly I have some concerns that it is inconsistent with Dr. Breggins own assessment of Miss Carter’s issues that he is now somehow going to make this a subject of a blog.”

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