Italian courts say ‘Non’ to Amanda Knox ex request for compensation


It is being reported on February 11, 2017 that Amanda Knox’s ex-lover, Raffaele Sollecito has been denied compensation by Italian courts.  The judges slammed down Raffaele’s request for 500,000 Euros for alleged ‘wrongful imprisonment.”  Last month Sollecito appeared on British television, the home country of the victim Meredith Kercher’s family, claiming that he felt he deserved half a million euros from the Italian authorities.  But Italian judges pointed out that Sollecito admittedly lied to police officers which was what caused his arrest. Therefore, Sollecito bears responsibility for being taken into custody and subsequent incarceration.

This new ruling against Amanda Knox’s ‘partner in crime’ has no doubt sent shock waves to Seattle.  While Amanda and Raffaele have earned millions from reliving Meredith Kercher’s murder, they both had plans to garner more money from lawsuits against the Italian government.   Many view their constant profiting from Meredith’s murder as grotesque greedy blood money grabbing.  A full decade after the crime neither suspect, now in their thirties, has ever worked a full-time job.  Sollecito received $73,000 USD from the Italian government to start an internet business which he hired others to code for him.  Sollecito has published two books and has spent most of his time traveling around his country giving talks.

Tweet by high school student who apparently looks up to Amanda Knox as a role model.

Back in the states Amanda Knox has jumped onto the Innocence circuit.  Innocence networks sprang up after the O.J. Simpson trial and center around freeing convicted murderers by questioning whether DNA was contaminated.  Amanda travels around the country speaking at high schools and at various conferences about her experiences surrounding Meredith Kercher’s murder.  Knox starred in a recent documentary, released five months ago, which again centers around Meredith Kercher’s demise.

This latest legal setback has taken the two former murder suspects by surprise.  The Italian judges stating the reason for the denial being the fact that Raffaele lied to the police.  This kills any chance for Knox who is well-known for falsely accusing her Congolese boss, Patrick Lumumba of the murder to police.  A fabrication which caused the Italian Supreme court to finalize her conviction for slander in 2015.  A conviction which is now permanently on Amanda Knox’s record, leaving her a convicted criminal.  Being a convicted liar will probably cause Amanda’s lawyers to advise her against attempting to receive compensation from Italy as Raffaele just attempted to do.

The rejection of Raffaele’s lawsuit by the Italian judicial system took many by surprise.  After the supreme court controversially decided to dismiss the mountain of evidence against the pair, most trial watchers have come to expect Italian authorities to give in to the criminal couple.  However, when it came time to open her purse, Italy balked.  Finally some justice for Meredith Kercher and her family.   Italy may have allowed the two former convicted murderers to be set free, but she’s not about to pay for their crimes.  Brava Italia!

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1 thought on “Italian courts say ‘Non’ to Amanda Knox ex request for compensation”

  1. Florence seems to be resistant / resilient against tortious interferences.

    Insofar ….. dead right: Brava Italia – Avanti Giustizia !

    But the Sollecito – Clan will not rest. So I’m still quite curious to see how a potential decision of a higher court will be in regard of this matter.

    The mighty Rome magistrates failed last time in March 2015. Let’s hope to better now. There is – I think – uncertainity as long as there are “Sollecitos”, “Bongiornos” etc. and some kind of “esprit de corps” …


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