Murder, Murder of Meredith Kercher

Amanda Knox ex-boyfriend insinuates that she is insane in Facebook posts about getting away with murder


The latest scandal involving Meredith Kercher’s former murder suspects, is Amanda Knox’s ex,  Raffaele Sollecito, publishing shocking pictures and comments on social media.  Raffaele made some cutting comments on a private Facebook group that caters to whose who enjoy discussing violence and hatred for women.   Amanda’s former suspected murder accomplice, shared pictures of himself wielding a knife and giving advice on how to get away with murdering your girlfriend.  Raffaele then insinuated that  Amanda Knox was mentally insane.

Amanda Knox’s former boyfriend-of-one-week was exposed in the Italian media on January 19, 2017 for his piercing posts.    The story first appeared on ‘il Fatto Quotidian’ and has blown up all over the Italian media while the American mainstream media has, so far, refused to report on it.

Journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli bravely outed the knife collector’s morbid humor on a misogynistic Facebook group called, “Pastorizia Never Dies.”


“That Denis writes: Teacher teach me how to erase the traces of a crime that I have two things to solve?.

Raffy Prompt reply: simple. We puked on and nothing comes close!. Giulia writes of don’t be cruel when will kill and

Raffy responds: don’t worry, I’ll be nice and painless “.

If these comments were not enough, there are also those who allude directly to the murder of Meredith.

Reports the Lucarelli: “her: you look pale, you’re not going to the beach?.

Raffy: Eh I see so many people turn pale.

The blogger then commented: Ahahaha you laugh, in fact Meredith must have been rather pale, considering that they found no longer a centiliter of blood in the body. “

Sollecito su Facebook raffaele-sollecito-su-facebook-compagni-finiti-nel-piattoGood news especially for family members of Meredith Kercher, Raffaele Sollecito, after trying to retrain as a tv commentator and as undertaker 2.0, has found its place in the world: is the leader of secret groups on Facebook that have made hatred towards women their workhorse and fine humorist. Indeed, irresistible comedian with a clear preference for black humor, since he murdered her dead trifled it had at home.”

Raffaele attempted to work as a crime expert on Italian television but the public revolted and a petition was started to fire him last April.  Almost 24,000 people signed the petition to stop Sollecito from becoming a TV pundit.  A few months earlier, Sollecito received $73,000 from the Italian government to start a website catering to funerals and graveyard maintenance.  Sollecito is in court this month to sue the Italian government for another half a million euros.

In between television interviews, book signings, lawsuits, and website work, Sollecito manages to find time to give advice about murder.



Face of Patrick Lumumba is photoshopped onto Raffaele’s friend’s face.  Patrick was wrongfully accused of the murder by Amanda Knox.  Her conviction of criminal slander was finalized by the Supreme Court in 2015.

The former murder suspect appears to be collecting selfies with knives.

Those who have followed the case of the murder of Meredith Kercher know that two different knives were used in the attack on Kercher, a large kitchen knife and a smaller pocket knife.  A large kitchen knife was found with Amanda Knox’s DNA on the handle and Meredith’s DNA on the blade.

Collage of Raffaele Sollecito’s Facebook comments published in Italian news:


3 thoughts on “Amanda Knox ex-boyfriend insinuates that she is insane in Facebook posts about getting away with murder”

  1. Raffaele Sollecito ………. Yes, of course. Thank you for reminding us. We nearly forgot him.

    Some personal thoughts / an opinion:

    Raffaele Sollecito is decribed as a person that gives the impression to be capable of nothing except „sunbathing on a mediterranean beach“ (Charles Mudede). Think that’s pretty true. Raffaele Sollecito really seems to be a platy person, a mixture of simple – minded and arrogant. No perspective on his own. Taking each day as it comes depending on his fathers deep, large pockets. The only purpose in life: Interviews / shows with a core statement like this: „Oh people look at me, only me, poor me. Meredith Kercher, äh ? Who’s that ? I don’t give a f*** ! Look at me. I’m the victim !“

    But – OK – let’s take the time & a further look. What kind of personality structure showed itself back in 2007 ?

    Think Raffaele Sollecito was a kind of a „lonesome cowboy“ then. A young man, no friends. Insecure but with questionable hobbies / passions such as collecting latend dangerous things like (switchblade -/ jack) – knives or beeing an enthusiast of violence – comics. So indeed. Regarding to this aspects there are some more informations that we can get.

    Seems that he was a „drifter“ that time. Not deep – rooted in the town of Perugia but accompanied by extremely present violence phantasies. Think he was badly hurt by the death (presumably suicide) of his mother two years earlier in 2005 that touched him as a radical & highly emotional cesura. Radicalized by subsequent feelings of great loss & internal unrest since those days. He seemed to be a person without firm ground under-neath his feet. A tendency to use different types of drugs, routinely marijuana for sure but also cocaine I think and perhaps some drinks on top. Permanentely supervised by his father (daily phone calls) who (obviously) had ominous forebodings day by day. A young man showered with money and all kinds of material things / possessions but without any real love. Disoriented and psychologically completely disturbed.

    In short: I think Raffaele Sollecito can be viewed as a labil, latent dangerous person back in those days. Obsessed with violence fantasies. A hard – hitting chemical waiting for its catalyzer.

    On the other hand there was Amanda Knox who (my opinion) felt (and probably was indeed …) completely lost that time back in Oct. 2007. Lost in a foreign country. No friends, no task, no responsibility, no money. Only the nagging feelings being bullied and rejected by all the other young people. In truth she was a „drifter“ too, not Rudy Guede who lived in Perugia since he was 5. No question. Rudy Guede never has been a rich person. But – unlike Amanda and Raffaele – he was at home.

    This two chemicals – Amanda Knox & Raffaele Solllecito – banged together during the well known classical concert in the end of October 2007. An irresistable mutual attraction repressed anything else and things took their fatal course on this fundament ……

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  2. I really like the comment by November2007. It crystallized my own thoughts. Why did Raffaele’s father call him twice a day? And was his mother’s death suicide? Raff was an accident waiting to happen. I also wonder about his “computer science” curriculum. Was it “real” CS of the sort that leads to an engineering degree at schools like MIT and Georgia Tech or was it intended for unemployed adults looking to get jobs as network technicians? Raff says he was stoned 80% of the time and reportedly spent much of his life masturbating, so I have to wonder whether he, like Amanda, had too much time on his hands. As for Amanda, I think of her as damaged by her father’s early abandonment, even though he came to her defense later. And I think of her as a typical affluent blue-state brat who thinks moral rules are for squares. She didn’t earn the money for her trip: most of it came from her parents in monthly deposits, and she burned through a lot of it taking her one course in a notorious party town.

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