9to5 and Amanda Knox, Rudy Guede, Raffaele Sollecito


The Florence courts have scheduled Rudy Guede’s next court date on January 10, 2017.  Guede will provide documents to support his stance that he deserves a new trial.  Rudy Guede was found to have participated with others in the murder of Meredith Kercher.  This was confirmed by the Italian Supreme Court when they acquitted Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

Since her acquittal, Amanda Knox has tried to distance herself from Rudy Guede.  She falsely called him a “local burglar” in a recent podcast.   However, according to Rudy he and Amanda spoke on multiple occasions.

According to Rudy’s diary that he kept while he sat in a German jail awaiting extradition to Italy:

Never in my life until now have they arrested me for narcotics possession. A few months ago, they arrested me in Milan for attempted theft. That was the only time I was arrested and taken to the police station but this story as well would have some explanation that would clear it up because I believe I was a victim.

It seems that all of the suspected perpetrators of this crime have claimed to be victims at one time or another.  Rudy is known to be as slippery as Foxy with his story telling.  However, it is believed that there is a kernel of truth in what he says.

Unlike Rudy, Amanda Knox earned a conviction for lying (slander) which was upheld by the Italian Supreme Court.

Italian Supreme Court final ruling 2015

The judges believed that Knox accused her boss, Patrick Lumumba of murdering Meredith Kercher, in order to cover up for Rudy Guede’s involvement.  It appears that Amanda was trying to protect Rudy.

Italian Supreme Court final ruling 2015

The courts were able to confirm a relationship between Amanda and Rudy but not with Raffaele and Rudy.  This placed Knox as the central figure.  If you made a Venn diagram of Rudy, Amanda and Raffaele – only Amanda interacted with both of them.


Another factor that ties all three of them together is the fact that both Rudy and Raffaele had the hots for Amanda.

Giacomo Silenzi, one of the guys who lived downstairs, testified to the fact that Rudy was interested in dating Amanda and wanted to know if she was with anyone.

GS: Rudy had asked us for information on Amanda because he was interested I think for the first half of October. . .He had asked if Amanda was involved with some guy or not.        (Giacomo Silenzi official court testimony)

What is known for certain, is that Amanda’s relationship with Meredith had soured. Both Rudy and Raffaele had the hots for Amanda while Amanda nursed a crush on Meredith’s boyfriend, Giacomo Silenzi.  Meredith’s friend Amy Frost described it.

As for the relationship with GIACOMO [Silenzi], Ms FROST limited herself to specifying that the story between him and MEREDITH had just started, still however being able to consider them an item: as well, she mentioned that her friend had recounted to her that Ms KNOX had gone and said that she also liked that boy [Giacomo Silenzi], but (almost as if she was making a gift) she had nothing against Ms KERCHER if she were to go for him.  (Micheli Sentencing Report)

A short time later Meredith Kercher would be sexually assaulted and murdered.

Did Amanda plan to get revenge on Meredith for abandoning her on Halloween by robbing and attacking Meredith to humiliate her?  How did Amanda get the two men to play along with her plan?


A movie which came out in 1980, 9 to 5, is a dark comedy where 3 women who have little in common, bond together when one of them accidentally almost kills their boss.  One of the ladies accidentally put rat poison in his coffee.  Just before he drinks it, he falls and hits his head, passing out and is then taken to the hospital.  The three women try to steal his body from the hospital but realize they took the wrong corpse.  Then surprise!  The boss didn’t die, it was all a misunderstanding.  The women are about to celebrate their near miss when an office snitch overhears them and tells the boss everything.  The boss confronts the three women who then kidnap him and hold him prisoner in his home until they can acquire material to blackmail him so he won’t go to the police.

In this movie, the group of ladies stick together to cover for their crime.  As with many movies, there is a happy ending with the boss still alive and the workplace improved in the end.  There may be something to learn by this movie in the way the three women, all from different backgrounds, none of them involved socially beforehand, are able to stick together to cover the crime.

While Raffaele apparently didn’t know Rudy socially, and Amanda tries to diminish her social activity with Rudy,  this doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t bond together to help cover a crime.

Another interesting and possible similarity to the movie and this case, the perpetrators thought they had killed the man but actually didn’t and then overreacted to the situation.  They panicked and made it much worse than it needed to be. When the boss heard what happened from a snitch, the three women could’ve played it off as a joke and it would have all been forgotten.  Instead, the three women overreact, kidnap and imprison him.

Could Amanda, Rudy, and Raffaele have overreacted?  Perhaps, Amanda’s plan was merely to scare Meredith with a simulated robbery, as she had done before.  Below is a blog post by Amanda Knox where she admits that she had pranked a former roommate, pretending that there was a robbery in their home.

Amanda Knox admits to faking break-ins with roommates at UW

According to Amanda, it was a happy ending the last time she terrorized a roommate in Seattle with a bogus break-in. So perhaps, Amanda decided to exact revenge on Meredith for blowing her off Halloween night, by repeating this robbery ruse.  Only this time, the victim wasn’t so cooperative.

One possible scenario is Amanda staged Filomena’s room, throwing clothes around and then taking Meredith’s money and leaving.  When Meredith returned home, she discovered her missing money and went straight to Amanda’s room looking for it.  At this point, Amanda and Raffaele may have entered acting like they didn’t know anything.  This may have instigated Meredith to attack Amanda.  Amanda had a scratch under her neck and she left blood on the bathroom tap.

Raffaele, who was always with Amanda may have intervened and since he always carried a knife, may have pulled it out to scare Meredith.  At this point, Rudy may have also tried to break things up, holding Meredith back from beating the crap out of Amanda.   At this point, Meredith would have been furious and threatening all of them with calling the police.  Raffaele or Amanda holding a knife to Meredith’s throat and Meredith may have turned her body at that moment inflicting the first major wound.  Things may have escalated from there. A murder, clean-up and cover-up by three perpetrators.

Perhaps there is some truth in Rudy having gone to the bathroom when the first stab wound to Meredith’s neck occurred. Of course, in his first retelling, Rudy pretends to not have seen the male and female killers face.  Now he says that it was definitely Amanda but he cannot be sure about Raffaele.  Here Rudy is slowly removing the cover he had held up before for Amanda and Raffaele.

What will Rudy reveal on January 10th when he heads back to court?  We will have to wait and see.

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