Amanda Knox supporters still attacking the Kerchers


 . . .with vampiristic prowess, [Amanda Knox] sucks harder on the fame machine – and has been busy promoting her documentary at the Toronto Film Festival.”

As Amanda Knox’s new documentary is heavily publicized, many mainstream media outlets have been publishing gushing reviews.  The only problem with most of these reviews is that they contain many factual errors.  Once example is in a review written in Vanity Fair Magazine which misquoted Perugian prosecutor Dr. Mignini.  Mignini responded to the inaccuracies on

The Netflix documentary appears to be heavily biased towards Amanda Knox which is not a surprise reading previous blog posts written by one of the producers.  As if this weren’t bad enough, the rabid supporters for Amanda Knox continue to this day to harass the murder victim’s family.  The Kerchers have never been involved in any online skirmishes and have always maintained a dignified silence.

I wrote about this cyberbullying back in  2014, years later the STDs (supportive trolls for the defense) are still unjustly maligning the victim’s family.  Below are some of the disparaging comments that the Kercher-haters have made today in a review of Amanda Knox’s documentary.  For the record, Amanda Knox has not been exonerated, she was acquitted due to lack of evidence.  Rudy Guede did not act alone and the Italian Supreme Court places Amanda Knox at the murder scene washing Meredith Kercher’s blood off her hands.



1 thought on “Amanda Knox supporters still attacking the Kerchers”

  1. I still don’t get any of this. This is a young lady that just had her house mate killed and she is sitting on her lovers lap kissing in the police station. Doing cart wheels showing no remorse or respect for a person that was living with her that was just viciously attacked. I would be so afraid of what just went on in my place of living.


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