More PR propaganda: “Freeing ‘Foxy Knoxy’: Why People Are So Obsessed with Amanda Knox”

Meredith Kercher


Over and over writers are getting the facts wrong about the murder of Meredith Kercher case.  The latest pack of lies is courtesy of Kate Leaver  She wrote an article titled, “Freeing ‘Foxy Knoxy’: Why People Are So Obsessed with Amanda Knox”

Below is a list of the mistakes she made:

“Knox and Sollecito spent nearly four years in jail in Italy, before their release in 2011 and exoneration by the Supreme Court of Italy in 2015”

Wrong. Knox and Sollecito were acquitted due to insufficient evidence, they were not found innocent of the crime and Knox’s conviction for calunnia was upheld by the Italian Supreme Court.  Knox owes Lumumba 10,000 euros in damages which she refuses to pay.

The Italian Supreme Court states in its final verdict that they were forced to acquit Knox and Sollecito because of investigative errors:

“Therefore the use of logic and intuition cannot compensate for shortfalls in
proofs or investigative inefficiency. In the face of a missing, insufficient or contradictory proof,the judge must limit himself to accepting that and deliver an acquittal sentence, according to  article 530, chapter 2, of the code of criminal procedure, even if driven by an authentic moral conviction of the guilt of the accused [Knox and Sollecito].”

In the last sentence above, the ISC makes it clear that they believe Knox and Sollecito were guilty but let them go because the evidence was just not strong enough to prove their complicity without a doubt.
Also the ISC did confirm the evidence that Amanda Knox washed Meredith Kercher’s blood off of her hands!
“Another element against her [Amanda Knox] is the mixed DNA traces, her and the victim’s one, in the “small bathroom”, an eloquent proof that anyway she had come into contact with the blood of the latter,which she tried to wash away from herself (it was, it seems, diluted blood, while the biological traces belonging to her would be the consequence of epithelial rubbing).
Even though the Italian Supreme Court recognized that Amanda Knox washed Meredith Kercher’s blood from her hands, as proven by the evidence, they still didn’t feel this was enough to convict her of murder.  However, it does contradict Amanda’s alibi that she was at Raffaele’s place the night of the murder and Amanda has never admitted to washing off Meredith’s blood, even though the Supreme Court confirmed it.
Regarding Knox’s conviction of slander against her former boss, Patrick Lumumba, the ISC wrote:
“It is restated the inflicted sentence against the appellant Amanda Marie Knox, for the crime of slander at three years of prison.”

The Italian Supreme Court also stated:

“9.4.1 Given this, we now note, with respect to Amanda Knox, that her presence inside the house,the location of the murder, is a proven fact in the trial, in accord with her own admissions, also contained in the memoriale with her signature, in the part where she tells that, as she was in the kitchen, while the young English woman had retired inside the room of same Ms. Kercher together with another person for a sexual intercourse, she heard a harrowing scream from her friend, so piercing and unbearable that she let herself down squatting on the floor, covering her ears tight with her hands in order not to hear more of it.”

Lever writes:

“the real culprit—a 30-year-old man named Rudy Guede”

Wrong again. Rudy Guede was convicted only as an accomplice to the murder with other people, he was not found to be the killer.  Rudy even stated in a televised interview that Amanda and Raffaele were there when Meredith was murdered. The Italian courts determined that Amanda Knox was the one who stabbed Meredith. Since Knox and Sollecito have been acquitted, Guede has now asked the courts to reopen his case since how can he be an accomplice to no one?  A response from the courts is expected soon.  Rudy Guede was never found to have acted alone, this is a lie by supporters for Amanda Knox.

June 30, 2016: Italian newspapers [1]Corriere Della Sera report that Rudy Guede’s attorneys Thomas Pietrocarlo and Monica Grossi, will be filing an appeal against his definitive sentence in the court of Assizes of Appeal in Florence. This appeal will be based on Art. 630.1 of the Italian penal code, which allows a review when the basis of the sentence is in conflict with another finalized judgment. This focuses on “the conflict of judgment” among the ruling that acquitted Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox, which accepts he did not act alone, and the one with which he was sentenced.”

Leaver also writes:

 “Knox is now back in her hometown of Seattle, beginning a career as a journalist. And so she should, given her proven innocence in a case that stole her freedom and her reputation.”

Wrong again. Knox was never proven innocent, she got away with it.

“March 30, 2015: Supreme Court judge Gennaro Marasca, giving an interview to Italian press [4]Amanda Knox e Raffaele Sollecito, le prove erano insufficienti declared the court had found Knox and Sollecito not guilty due to insufficient evidence. (Art. 530.2 of the Italian penal code). This contradicts Knox’s statement she had been found innocent, which would be a finding under Art. 530.1.”

The bulk of Leaver’s article speculates (as many pro-defense articles have done in the past) about how people are supposedly obsessed with Amanda Knox because she is a woman.   The reality is that people are upset because a grave injustice has occurred and the real murderers of Meredith Kercher are being touted as celebrities when they should be in prison.


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