Vote for your FAV Amanda Knox Mockumentary Photoshop!

All of the entries are in!  There are 14 excellent photoshops to choose from. Which ones are your favorite?

Choose any TWO photoshops below  that you think are the best- don’t forget to click the ‘vote’ button at the bottom! (Results shown after you vote – scroll up to see results so far!)

The Winner will receive a FREE copy of The Manipulative Memoir of Amanda Knox


Click on photo to see larger image or view all the full size images here!

1 thought on “Vote for your FAV Amanda Knox Mockumentary Photoshop!”

  1. Think Amanda feels the presence of Meredith Kercher every single second.
    The screams, the great amount of blood, the gaping wounds, the poor and helpless girls struggle, the death rattle in the end … Meredith will always be with her. Meredith sticks to her.


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