Joran Van der Sloot confesses to killing Natalee Holloway

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Joran van der Sloot, the main suspect in the case of missing high school student Natalee Holloway in 2005, has confessed to murdering her. A reporter who interviewed van der Sloot, surreptitiously recorded him on video.

“I always lied to the police”, Van der Sloot says in Dutch in the video. “I never told the truth. I made up so many stories against the police.” And: “I am guilty of everything I did.” When asked if this also applies to Natalee Holloway, he answers: “Yes, yes, there too I am guilty and I accept that.”

Van der Sloot is currently serving a 28 year sentence in Challapalca Prison, known as the “Alcatraz of the Andes,” for murdering a young Peruvian woman, Stephany Flores Ramirez. in 2010.  In the shocking video, the former murder suspect stated, “’I think that was one of the worst police investigation that ever took place!’ The undercover reporter clarified, ‘Are you talking about the Holloway case?’ ‘Yes yes yes,’ van der Sloot insisted. ‘Yes, this is also where I am guilty and I accept everything that I have done.’ (The word ‘accept’ is synonymous with the word ‘admit’ in Dutch.’”

Van der Sloot admitted that he told nothing but a pack of lies to police. He also tried to extort “$250,000 from Natalee Holloway’s mother” in exchange for information about where to locate Natalee’s body. Van der Sloot was reputedly paid $25,000 but his directions proved to be yet another lie. “He was allegedly given a total of $25,000, and authorities believe he used that money to travel to Peru and participate in a poker tournament, where he met Flores,” his next victim. Natalee Holloway was declared dead in January 2012 even though her body was never found.


2 thoughts on “Joran Van der Sloot confesses to killing Natalee Holloway”

  1. Who does this remind you of? “A book by Joran van der Sloot and reporter Zvezdana Vukojevic, De zaak Natalee Holloway (The Case of Natalee Holloway) was published, in Dutch, in April 2007.[88] In the book, Van der Sloot gives his perspective of the night Holloway disappeared and the media frenzy which followed. He admits, and apologizes for, his initial untruths, but maintains his innocence.” [Wiki].


    1. Yes it seems that murderers can lie over and over for years without remorse. They also enjoy making as much money off the murder as possible without regard to the pain they cause the friends and family of the murder victim. They also arrogantly sit back and ridicule the police investigation, which helps boost their already inflated egos. In reality they are worthless, without talent, and inhuman and everyone knows they did it.


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