Murder, Murder of Meredith Kercher

Amanda Knox ex’s eight lies and Rudy’s response

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After Rudy Guede’s interview on Storie Maledette (Cursed Stories) exploded on the scene, his co-defendants have responded in opposite ways. While Amanda Knox adopts the Cosby-code-of-silence, Raffaele Sollecito has come out swinging. Sollecito gave an interview in a prominent Italian newspaper listing eight reasons why he wants you to believe that Rudy Guede is the sole killer. Rudy Guede’s attorneys have responded to these eight lies via his facebook page today. “Guede has opened a Facebook profile – managed by the Centre for Criminological studies of Viterbo” which speaks directly to Amanda Knox’s ex-lover for the world to read.

Sollecito said that he did not believe Rudy had an appointment with Meredith Kercher that night. Guede’s lawyers dismiss Sollecito’s accusation, pointing out that young people in a college town make arrangements to meet  without official documentation.  Sollecito called Rudy a “serial thief” since he was arrested in a kindergarten in Milan five days before the murder and charged with having stolen property. Guede slammed this lie by pointing out that being charged twice in one incident does not make one a serial criminal. Guede maintains that he did not steal the laptop computer but instead had purchased it at a flea market. Furthermore, Guede had not even been tried yet for the Milan incident so in reality Guede had a clean record with no prior convictions before Meredith was murdered.

Sollecito then claimed that Guede was under the influence of cocaine. This charge is not supported by any evidence nor the courts. However, it was shown that Amanda Knox had a relationship with a cocaine dealer.

As offensive as these accusations by Sollecito were, the most inflammatory remark he made concerning Guede was when he said, “while Meredith bled Rudy preyed.”  Sollecito was referring to Guede’s DNA being found on Meredith’s hand bag, accusing him of robbing her while she bled to death. However, Rudy’s representatives shot back that Rudy was trying to help Meredith by putting towels around her wound, which the courts acknowledged. Guede’s DNA can be explained from his moving the bag out of the way while he tried to save her life. Guede’s DNA was found only on the outside of Meredith’s handbag, not inside, as the courts confirmed. In addition to this, Meredith’s cell phones were found elsewhere and without any fingerprints of Rudy.

Sollecito then attacked Guede for going to a disco after fleeing the cottage that night. Sollecito seems to have forgotten that he was photographed laughing and buying underwear with Amanda Knox the day after Meredith Kercher’s body was discovered. Guede’s handlers pointed out that Rudy was in shock and that people respond differently to tragic situations.

Guede’s lawyers ended their retorts to Sollecito’s lies by pointing out that Amanda Knox falsely accused her boss Patrick Lumumba of murdering Meredith Kercher. To make matters worse, the only reason Lumumba has finally freed after two weeks in jail was because a Swiss professor traveled back to Italy to give him an airtight alibi. Amanda Knox never recanted her false accusations. Because of this, at the end of the eight-year long legal process, Knox had her conviction of calunnia (criminal slander) upheld by the Italian Supreme Court.

Rudy Guede’s representatives also point out how outrageous Sollecito’s reaction is to Guede’s single interview in eight years. This compared to Raffaele Sollecito who has given numerous interviews all over the world as well as Italy. They also point out that Rudy has the right to ask for a retrial and ask why Raffaele Sollecito has problems with Rudy exercising his legal rights?

Finally, while traces of Rudy’s DNA was found in Meredith’s room, so was Raffaele Sollecito’s DNA.  Sollecito complained that Guede ” . . .committed serious offenses against which does not recognize his responsibilities.” Guede’s advocates responded by pointing out that Guede says he is innocent of the murder which is why he requests a retrial.  Therefore Guede does not take responsibility.


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